York is the first campaign level of Resistance: Fall of Man.


The Americans' 1st Ranger Regiment landed in York on July 11th, 1951 in Operation Deliverance. The landing was unsuccessful, and many American soldiers were killed. Nathan Hale was one of the few soldiers to escape the landing zone, which was devastated by the Chimera. He joined a squad of soldiers with him but they were later infected by swarms of Crawlers, leaving Hale the only survivor.

Hale made his way through York, rendezvousing with Captain Winters and the remains of the 1st Ranger Regiment at a bus depot. Captain Winters ordered Hale and the remains of the regiment to clear a landing zone for reinforcements in the middle of the bus depot. Although the bus depot was cleared of Chimera forces, the soldiers' efforts were in vain since their position was soon attacked by spires. After being infected by the unleashed Crawlers, the comatose soldiers, along with an unconscious Nathan Hale, were taken to a conversion center in Grimsby.


The GauntletEdit

You're playing as Nathan Hale, now move out of the crater and shoot the several Hybrids with your Carbine by pressing the R1 button. As you reach the intersection, throw your grenade by pressing the circle button to kill a Hybrid when it comes out of the corner. As you go pass the downed VTOL where the two soldiers died in flames, press the square button to reload your weapon and kill another Hybrid. Keep going until you reach the building. When you reached in front of the building, take cover by press the L2 button to crouch, then press the right analog stick (R3 button) to zoom in and kill few hybrids. As you enter, the Hybrid will ignore you while climbing up the stairs and two soldiers will take out the Hybrid for you, keep going through the building and kill more Hybrids in your way. Jump of the building and turn left, obtain Bullseye and press the R2 Button to bring your weapon wheel and use your right analog stick to select your weapons (similar from Ratchet and Clank) or tap the R2 button to change your weapons. Quickly kill two Hybrids if you save two U.S. Army Rangers and move ahead. Before you enter, kill 5 Hybrids and enter the park. Ignore the last two Hybrids while the surviving soldiers kill them and then jump down the dried-up river and catch up with the rest of the group.

Note: This walkthrough is on the highest possible difficulty (Superhuman) so people on their first playthrough will find it a lot easier and have less guns.

A Lone Survivor Edit

After you gain control of yourself follow your soldier buddy up the ravine. Take a right after the drainage tunnels on your left and continue up the linear ravine. Up ahead you will see a bridge that runs overhead. At this point a small group of Leapers will charge toward you. Deal with them using accurate bursts and continue on. The ditch ends with some stairs on your left and barred drain tunnels ahead of you. When you reach this area a large wave of Leapers will charge you from straight ahead. Back peddle and continue to fire until they are all dealt with. Climb the stairway on the left side. After a short distance another small group of Leapers will attack, deal with them and cross the bridge to the other side of the ditch. Follow the soldier until you come to a semi-open area on your right with some boulders. Quickly move to a boulder and climb atop it. Another swarm of Leapers will arrive, kill them off from the safety of your boulder and move forward over the slope on the right side of the drainage tunnels. Drop down into the next ditch and proceed until you see another set of drains ahead of you with three Hybrids at the top. Kill the Hybrids, go forward and wind your way up the three flights of stairs, through the open doorway and into the building. Head up the stairs and into a room with several crates. Move through this room and up another flight of stairs. Stop at the top of the stairs. You will notice that most of the ceiling is gone and there is a lone Hybrid above you.  Take him out and deal with the next three Hybrids that will charge into the room from the right.  Head to where they came from. Stop at the entrance and take out the lone Hybrid across the way.  Use your Bullseye and charge into the room and deal with the two Hybrid who are in the room.  There will be a section of the wall in this room that has been blown away, this is your exit.  After exiting follow the path until you come to a makeshift bridge leading into another smashed up building. Most of the floor will be gone. Drop a grenade down onto the two Hybrids in the room and kill two more Hybrid as they charge into the room below you. Move forward over yet another makeshift bridge and drop down another floor. Head out onto the exposed fire escape and drop down onto the street below. On the road is a tank just waiting for you.  Hop in and plow through the gate ahead of you. Just follow the road untill the end. Along the way just keep spam firing the cannon at anything that moves. The only thing that poses a threat to you now are the mortars scattered here and there. Keep your distance from them and take them out at range and you'll be fine. Blast your way while following the road and you will come to a large archway. Drive your tank through this to end the level.

Spires Edit

After the initial cutscene quickly head to your left and blast the Hybrid that is coming up the stairwell. Then head back the way you came and take out two more Hybrids and proceed to the right side stairwell. Pause at the top and snipe the Hybrid below. Once they are dealt with move down the stairs and stick to the right side wall. Move along the wall until you have a side shot on the Hybrd that is manning the turret and waste him.  After that if you are running low on ammo head into the bus depot to resupply then head toward the gas pumps on that right side. Move forward slowly towards the gas station building and snipe a couple of Hybrids that are moving around in this area. After they are dealt with head into the gas station building. Man the turret straight ahead of you as you enter and shred the few remaining Hybrids. Now switch to the turrets and aim towards the watertank. Take out as many as you can before they find cover. After they have all dug in exit the building and make your way towards them. They should all be clustered up making it a great time for you to deliver a nade suprise. Finish clearing out any that survived your nade barrage and quickly head back to the gas station building. However, instead of going in, switch to your Bullseye, find some cover and face the big gate that is next to the gas building. They will start pouring over the wall on either side of the gate. Get as many as you can with the Bullseye.  Once they start to overwhelm fall back find cover and snipe the remainder of them. Once they are all dead the level will end.

Intel DocumentsEdit

  • Guidelines: Inside the large building, around the second floor and down a ramp in the middle of a room behind a barricade which leads inside a room and the Intel lying next to a dead soldier.
  • Infection: Follow the soldiers through the alley towards the castle-like structure in the distance. Turn to the left and just before the mounds of rubble will be a narrow alleyway. Make your way through the alley and it leads to a small courtyard. Lying on the ground is a dead soldier and the Intel will be on the ground next to him.
  • Regeneration: Once you come to the end of the section of ditches there will be some stairs leading up to a building. At the top of these stairs are some ammo piles and the Intel
  • Isolationism: Under the stairway inside the building after exiting the drainage ditches.
  • Landing: In the bus depot along a walkway, tucked behind a corner.

Skill pointsEdit

  • Supersonic Meat Cubes (3 points): Kill 3 Leapers with a Frag grenade.
  • Homing Beacons (3 points): Kill 4 Hybrids with the Bullseye tag.
  • Chimera Pâté (3 points): Run over 10 enemies with the tank.


See York/Transcript


  • It is possible to save about 18 Rangers throughout York, if you prematurely blow up the car that all the soldiers run past and get killed you can save almost your entire squad in this fashion if you take out the hybrids quick enough. You can also save a large number of Rangers in the same way while advancing down the next road when you come under artillery fire, then once you engage the Hybrids on the balcony and floor, it is possible to save 5 rangers; 3 will stand in the open one will go behind a car in the back and one will go off to the very left. Then you can save the two Rangers in the building who kill the Hybrid coming up the stairs and you can also save the two rangers who you advance down the street with, and as well saving the medic and the other soldier that joins you when you are attacked by Leapers.
  • The Medic that revives Hale at the start of the second mission has a green cross on his helmet due to British Copyright on the Red Cross. [1]

  1. ^ 23:00 - Lead Character Designer Damon Iannuzzelli explains this issue.