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The city of York.

York is a city in North Yorkshire, England.


A picture of a group of Carriers over the bus depot in York.

On July 11, 1951, York was a rally point for American miltiary forces to resupply British military forces during Operation Deliverance in exchange for a captured Angel. However, on the day before, York was overwhelmed by the Chimera after being deliberately lured there by the Cloven.

Companies of the 3rd Ranger Regiment and the 1st Ranger Regiment moved into York and were devastated by the Chimera already in the city. Sergeant Nathan Hale and his squadron were attacked and infected by the Crawlers, but Hale was the only surviving soldier who was semi-immune to the Chimeran Virus before he manage to regroup with the rest of the remaining regiment and clear out the Chimeran outpost at an abandoned bus depot. However, the Chimera launched Spire Missiles upon York, releasing Crawlers which decimated the remaining regiment.


  • It is unclear if John Martinez was involved in York as he was killed by the Chimera on the same day Nathan Hale was infected by Crawlers during Operation Deliverance.