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The XR-13 Bellock is a grenade launcher that appears in Resistance 2. The primary fire launches explosive napalm grenades. While its secondary launches a pressured canister that explode and catches fire to anything in its blast radius or touching the fire; after a short flame the fire will then combusted in a medium explosion.


Single Player

  • The Bellock is a powerful rare weapon that is first found in Twin Falls, Idaho.
  • The Bellock's primary fire is powerful, and is great in mowing down hordes of enemies.
  • A single grenade is strong enough to eliminate a group of Advanced Hybrids.
  • The Bellock's secondary fire is even more powerful than the primary fire, but it also requires good timing.
  • The secondary fire is strong enough to kill a Titan. It is also strong enough to destroy an Attack Drone, even if it's shield is active.


  • The Bellock can only be used by Special Ops, and it is the last weapon which the class unlocks at level 28. Due to its splash damage, it is a very desirable weapon, especially against hordes, like Leapers and Grims. The primary fire will also cause considerable damage to Hybrids, if there is a good connection.


  • The Bellock holds 12 grenades and 6 napalm cannisters. The grenade does 35 damage, and the napalm does 5 damage every second, meaning the napalm is best used to soften up enemies.
  • The Bellock is a good way to get assists, due to its Napalm attack, it can set the ground on fire and flush out hiding enemies.


The Bellock was initially designed by Captain Ronald Murray of the New York State Police during the spire attack of August 1951. Though the area was doomed to become the country's first gray territory, the weapon survived as an effective tool against spinner infestation. Each round contains a napalm charge that ignites on contact, setting fire to anything in its blast radius. A secondary mode fires a self-detonating canister of pressured explosives.



  • The Bellock bears some resemblance to the actual Milkor MGL semi-automatic grenade launcher, except for the stock, which looks similar to the stock seen on the Armsel Striker.