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X-Ray Squad was a Black Ops special operations unit. X-Ray Squad appears in Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2.



Founded sometime after the establishment of the Black Ops paramilitary wing within SRPA with the approval of the United States Government, members of the United States Special Forces community, including US Army Rangers were often scouted by SRPA recruiters. During training, SRPA commanders from the Advanced Tactical Ops division often evaluated these exercises and selected those that were able to operate effectively on their own. These candidates would then be selected to undergo further training in reconnaissance and recovery, and would eventually form the basis of X-Ray Squad. As a special operations unit, X-Ray Squad was tasked and entrusted with intelligence gathering and reconnaissance in Chimeran-occupied England with orders to shadow British forces and evaluate the ability of Chimeran forces.

Resistance: Fall of Man[]

Tasked with monitoring and the recovery of "Grayskin", X-Ray units were covertly deployed into England during the events of Operation Deliverance. Additionally, aside from the recovery of target "Grayskin", X-Ray units were also ordered to infiltrate and investigate the Chimeran facilities throughout the country, and provide further intel to SRPA to allow the agency to prepare the United States for the inevitable Chimeran invasion. Throughout the campaign, no X-Ray units are discovered alive, with many having been ambushed and eliminated by Chimeran forces prior to Hale's arrival. If Hale stands near their corpses, Morse Code messages are heard coming from other units in the country.

During the American deployment of York, encoded messages are heard, which states that X-Ray units were indeed deployed to the country to supervise both Sergeant Nathan Hale and the main American forces. Deployed covertly, Morse Code messages suggest that X-Ray units deliberately allowed the surviving US Rangers at the bus depot to be infected by the Spires, in order to note down any resistance to the infection.

Tracking the carriers to the conversion center in Grimsby, X-Ray units infiltrated the facility, with the intent of recovering Sergeant Hale, however, shortly after intercepting radio transmissions between Captain Rachel Parker and the Sergeant, X-Ray forces became aware of Hale's resistance to the virus and the arrival of British forces forced the team to abort their objective.

Shortly after Hale's evacuation from the conversion center, X-Ray units intended to follow him to Manchester, however, the deployment of a Chimeran Stalker forced them to abort their mission, and they instead observed him from afar. Noting the inevitability of an encounter between Hale and the captured Angel, X-Ray forces began discovering the Chimeran tunnel network that had supported their grid theory.

During the events of Operation Shear, X-Ray units discovered British attempts to investigate and seal off the tunnel networks. Still operating from afar, the team also discovered that Northern Command had been overrun by Chimeran forces and after the success of the operation, followed Hale back to the besieged British base.

During the siege of Northern Command, X-Ray units confirmed the presence of Chimeran forces and noted that "Grayskin" was cut off from allied forces. Having discovered and realized that the Angel was at the base and had called in Chimeran forces, X-Ray units began growing concerned over Hale's prolonged exposure to the Angel, fearing that it may compromise him. Additionally noting that Cloven forces were en-route to the base, X-Ray forces were ordered to purge the base of any data once Hale had left. X-Ray units eventually tracked Hale to the Angel containment chamber and discovered that he had killed the Chimeran creature.

Departing Northern Command, X-Ray followed Hale to Somerset, where he intended to discover the status of Lt. Stephen Cartwright, who had gone missing. Confirming that there were insufficient numbers of allied forces, SRPA Command gave the unit the green-light to re-capture the Sergeant. Following Hale and Cartwright through the Gorge, the unit discovered the excavated Chimeran Tower and received orders to sabotage the Goliath spire launchers at their assembly site.

Returning to Southern Command, X-Ray forces were ordered to evacuate all tier-one personal from the besieged base. Additionally, unable to re-capture "Grayskin", X-Ray units were instead order to rendezvous with nearby American forces, with their last transmission prior to the evacuation suggesting that Hale was departing to London.

Shortly prior to Hale's arrival to Bracknell, contact with X-Ray Three and his unit was lost and X-Ray Five presumed them deceased. Despite this, X-Ray Five requested that all X-Ray units recover the intel that X-Ray Three had previously collected. With confirmation that Hale had entered the tunnels, X-Ray Five ordered that all remaining units in the tunnels to approach the area with extreme caution. Noting that American forces were approaching London, secondary Black Ops forces began establishing a foothold HQ near the city.

Following Hale out of the tunnels to London, X-Ray once again re-established covert contact with Command. As Hale destroyed several Stalkers near the Mall, X-Ray units notified Command that the route to London was clear of Chimeran anti-air.

As Anglo-American forces finally began their invasion of London, X-Ray units noted that hostile Goliath units were nearing the invasion force. Shortly after the destruction of the Tower Bridge, SRPA Command began issuing orders to recover Sergeant Hale as soon as possible, noting that the window of opportunity was closing. Having tasked X-Ray Four with recovering Hale, SRPA Command suddenly lost contact with him, and growing increasingly concerned, they ordered X-Ray Six to locate him and provided his last known coordinates. However, alongside an unnamed X-Ray member, all three men were ambushed and killed by Chimeran forces in the alleyways, with their corpses having been discovered by Hale.

Successfully infiltrating the Chimeran tower alongside elements of Victor Force, X-Ray Squad notified SRPA Command that they were unable to recover Sergeant Hale and instead received orders to focus on their secondary objectives. Noting that Major Richard Blake was inbound to London to recover Hale personally, X-Ray units eventually evacuated the tower prior to its destruction, rendezvousing with Major Blake to recover Hale.

Shortly after the destruction of the London tower, X-Ray Squad discovered Hale wandering the London outskirts and arrived to recover him to induct him into the Sentinel Program.

The corpses of X-Ray Three, Four and Six are seen in the later stages of the campaign, while Five is only mentioned.

Resistance 2[]

X-Ray Squad plays a significantly larger role during the events of Resistance 2.

By May 1953, X-Ray Squad had been recalled back to the United States shortly before the invasion of the country, and had been stationed in SRPA 3 in San Francisco. Sometime after the Kraken breaches the base, X-Ray Squad is mentioned as having been recovering vital intelligence in the briefing room before Major Blake orders that they be recalled to seal off the breach.

The next time X-Ray are seen is during the events of Operation Black Eden. With the fall of the LDP, the situation in Baton Rouge grew increasingly dire and SRPA decides to utilize its fission bomb to destroy the hovering Chimeran fleet. Under the command of Major Blake, the team is initially separated from the bomb after being ambushed by Chimeran forces and presumed KIA. However, they are discovered to have been hiding in the sewers of Louisiana by Hale when the narrowly rescue him from a nearby Chimeran convoy. Reuniting with Capelli and the bomb, the SRPA unit launches an assault on a nearby elevator platform to recover a Chimeran shuttle to infiltrate the flagship.

Having arrived on the flagship, X-Ray was tasked with delivering the bomb to the core. Shortly after however, the team is ambushed by a Titan and Ravager patrol, with all members participating in the operation were killed.


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