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X-Ray One was a member of X-Ray Squad during the events of Resistance 2.

Alongside most of his squad, X-Ray One was stationed in SRPA 3, San Francisco during the Chimeran invasion of the city. During the initial Chimeran breach of the facility, he and his squad had been recovering vital intelligence from the briefing room before Major Blake ordered his squad to pull out.

As SRPA defenses within the base fell to the Chimeran onslaught, X-Ray One was given orders to take his squad and evacuate Dr. Fydor Malikov to Bryce Canyon, Utah. Unfortunately, in the midst of the chaos, X-Ray One was unable to recover the viral inhibitors that were crucial to the Sentinels survival. Arriving at the landing zone, he quickly retrieved the doctor before notifying him of the predicament. With the doctor unwilling to leave the base without the inhibitors, Hale volunteered to collect them.

With this, X-Ray One quickly departed San Francisco to Bryce Canyon.