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"A little town with a big heart"
―The town's motto as seen on a welcome sign.

Wrightsburg is a Missourian town along the Mississippi River.


It is determined from the Christmas decorations strewn across the town that it was attacked by the Chimera around Christmas time. The town is flooded from an attempt to get rid of the Chimera. Only the rooftops are above water. After the Liberty Tower Defense System fell, the residents had gathered to decide on whether to wait for the military to be evacuate or try to leave on their own. Only half of the town's residents tried to escape. The others who stayed, were either killed by the Chimera or converted into Grims.[1]

Joseph Capelli and Dr. Fyodor Malikov were forced to travel through the submerged town when they catch a boat to go up the Mississippi River after being diverted away by patrolling Goliaths. There, they discover the entire town was infested with feral Grims, and were forced to fight and retreat from Chimeran Dropships, Drones, and Longlegs in returning to the Mississippi before their vessel was destroyed by Goliaths.

Notable features[]

  • Wrightsburg Wranglers football field - completely flooded and only recognized by part of a stand and a rusty scoreboard.
  • Motel - occupied by Grims.
  • Dockyard - occupied by Shock drones.
  • Chimeran power conduits coated with ice - symbolising the Chimeran dominance of the area.



  • Wrightsburg is based on Venice, Louisiana, which lies on the west bank of the Mississippi River.[2]
  • The town was due to be evacuated before the Chimera arrived, aboard a ship called the Exodus, with instructional posters spread across town telling residents where and when to make for the ship. The planned evacuation never took place, and the Exodus can be seen, partially sunk into the river, at the Wrightsburg docks.