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Willet is a soldier under Captain Mitchell's command during the Battle of Manchester.

Most likely having been a part of the team sent to recover the convoy, Willet and the recovery unit fought a losing battle for most of the morning before the arrival of Sgt. Nathan Hale allowed the unit to wipe out the entrenched Chimeran forces. As British forces consolidated around the fountain, Chimeran reinforcements were deployed via Buzzard before being quickly eliminated by the now-entrenched British forces.

As Chimeran forces were unable to break the hold of British forces, the Chimera decided to deploy the Stalker that had been preventing further reinforcements from deploying into Manchester. During the battle with the Stalker, Captain Mitchell ordered Willet to target the power core. He is presumed to have survived the battle and could have appeared in Bristol.


Captain Mitchell's command to Willet about the power core can help out people who are new to the Resistance series and don't know what to do to defeat the Stalker.