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The Wildfire is a Chimeran shoulder-mounted, energy-based rocket launcher that appears in Resistance 3, replacing the LAARK which is no longer in use due to the absence of the military. It is wielded by Wildfire Hybrids and some Wardens.


It is the seventh weapon the player obtains, being found on the train bridge in The Hunt being required for Joseph Capelli to shoot down the Chimeran Dropship. The Wildfire holds two rockets per clip, and another two in reserve, and is able to lock on to enemy players and vehicles, so should be used primarily as a anti-armour weapon. The secondary fire consists of a slow moving round that breaks up into multiple shells before hitting the ground. This is similar to the LAARK's Resistance 2 secondary fire, with the exception of its artillery-like trajectory, rather than the shotgun-like spread of the LARRK.

Wildfire Hybrids are formidable enemies found in the New York area and will target the player with their namesake weapon. The rockets are easy to dodge because they are never locked on. It is easy to tell if a Wildfire is close because of the unique sound the rocket makes when it impacts and explodes.

It is reclaimed by picking one up in the prison motorpool.


Tier Name Campaign Multiplayer
1 N/A Aim at enemy to lock on, press R1 to fire. R2 fires armed projectile. During flight, press R2 again to detonate. Same
2 Heat Seeking Mini-rockets Release a few smaller rockets that will find enemies and deal additional damage. Same
3 Firestorm Release a larger burst of rockets that deals more damage and affects a larger area. Same


The Wildfire is a spawnable weapon obtained at level 40. The rockets fired are only one hit kill if they target an enemy straight in the head. Wildfire splash damage only softens an enemy and therefore require two direct shots to the body or one to the head to kill. The projectiles' slow movement makes it difficult to target an enemy and even if the rocket is locked on, it is easier to dodge it the farther away it is launched. The locking on does not chase its targets much but veers in the general directional hits if the opponent has not moved form the targeted area very much.

The secondary fire is more useful because of its larger splash damage and upgrading the wildfire will give the secondary rocket heat seeking missiles similar to the LAARK's shredders. If the player uses Demolitions as their perk, and an upgraded ammo beacon as their tactic, the Wildfire's secondary fire has the capabilities to have a one hit kill up to five players at a time when in confines quarters.

Due to the weapons large, clip and abundance of ammunition, the primary fire along with the second upgrade brings the "Dropship" effect. The player must stand in an open area on one side of the battlefield while the other players battle. As enemy players fire their weapons of sprint, aim in the casual direction of their position on radar and fire the primary rocket over their position. The rocket will fly over and form smaller rockets all along its path and most likely one of them will hit on the intended target and maybe a few others.

The ammo beacon is recommended for constant firing. The player will get mainly assist points for this though although a turret is also recommended to keep the player safe if enemies get too close.


A Chimeran-based rocket launcher, the powerful explosive damage makes this an effective weapon against groups of small enemies, or single large enemies.

L1 - Zoom in on targets. When in zoom mode, hold reticule over target to lock on.
Press R2 to fire
R2 - Fires an energy-based explosive rocket shell.
R1 - Press to fire a glowing into a cluster of rockets that rains down on a large area below the point of detonation.



  • It was first seen in the train yard multiplayer map but with the name "Firestorm."
  • It has to be used in order to obtain the "Fireworks" trophy.