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Major Welles was the SRPA leader of the Sentinels who activated them as Team Alpha for their first mission in the retrieval of the atomic bomb from Chimera-occupied Fort Anchorage, Alaska.

Welles later observed Sergeant Joseph Capelli's interrogation over the failure of Alpha Team's mission. In his words, Welles believed that the faults of the mission was a failure of leadership, though he noted that one of its member Hank Leavitt seemed promising. And also noting that many more Sentinels recruited from Project Abraham would allow the military to specialize with teams in the future. Welles was then briefed by a private of concerning a letter written by Capelli to someone named "Sarah", which breaches military protocol. However, Welles disregarded this as Capelli, and like the other Sentinels, had taken enough burden and suffering that made them what they are in the war against the Chimera.


  • Maj. Welles could be the original 'Director of Advanced Tactical Ops' only to be replaced by Richard Blake by the time of July 11th 1951.