Warsaw is the capital city of Poland, which prior to its invasion by the Chimera in January, 1950, had nearly 2 million inhabitants.


In January of 1950, Poland was attacked by the Chimera. Out of the population of 2 million, a mere 1,000 survived the assault; this shocking figure was a major factor in the United States' decision to send military aid to the United European Defense.

After the Chimera took over the city, they established a Conversion Center. Following the failure of Operation Bellerophon in early 1951, Joseph Capelli was sent to this center and managed to survive for six weeks through unverified means before being liberated by the Sentinel Bravo Team on March 9th, 1951.

In the following months after the success of Operation Overstrike, Warsaw was liberated from the Chimeran control when the Allied human forces of British and Maquis had destroyed the city's Chimeran Tower during the Battle of Warsaw.[1] The Maquis listed James Grayson as missing in action on June 12th, 1953.


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