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"That's excellent work, Waldron.": Lt. Murphy
"Thank you, Sir. I just imagine them covered in slime and the bullet finds them every time.": SPC. Waldron

Specialist Waldron was a Sentinel who participated in the Sentinels' first mission in Alaska along with Sgt. Joseph Evan Capelli to retrieve an atomic bomb.

While fighting off heavy numbers of Chimeran forces, Waldron and a couple of the other Sentinels split up from Sgt. Joseph Capelli, who at the time was fighting off hordes of Grims and several Titans by himself. During the fight, Waldron was a scout helping Sergeants Benjamin Warner and Capelli fight the overwhelming Chimera through sniper fire. But when they asked him for a safe position to go to, a Titan noticed him and fired a direct hit at him, killing Waldron and completely destroying the balcony he was laying on. Capelli and Warner mourn him for a second.


  • During the comics, a stubble starts to grow on Waldron's chin.
  • He is known as a specialist which is an E-4 in the Army and means he is not an NCO