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"Victor Twenty on approach just step back from the [Kraken pops out of the water] HOLY SHIT! Break off!"
―Victor Twenty talking to Lt. Hale before the Kraken tries to attack him.[src]

Victor Twenty in his VTOL about to evacuate Hale.

Victor Twenty is a Black Ops and a pilot of Victor Company.

During the Chimeran invasion of San Francisco, Victor Twenty was deployed to extract Nathan Hale from SRPA 3 shortly after his recovery of the viral inhibitors. As Hale arrived at the landing pad, Victor Twenty began his approach before the Kraken suddenly ambushed them. Victor Twenty narrowly avoided colliding with the Chimeran monster before retreating to a safe distance as Hale finally killed the Kraken with a nearby MP-47 Pulse Cannon.

After the death of the Kraken, Victor Twenty notified Hale that he had orders to be transported to a ground convoy that was heading to Orick to chase the damaged Chimeran battleship.


  • It is a mystery why the Kraken doesn't kill Victor Twenty as seeing when the Kraken jumps out of the water just in front of the VTOL, he slowly moves away and stays within the Kraken's reach throughout the boss fight.