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Victor Three is a Black Ops and a member of Victor Company.

Participating in the search for the damaged Chimeran battleship from San Francisco, Victor Company split up, with Victor Three leading elements of Victor Company to assist the rest of Echo Team in their search, while Victor One, under the command of Lt. Hale took a ground convoy. Having soon discovered the location of the battleship, Victor Three requested heavy ordinance in the form of an artillery truck. However, this proved ineffective and Chimeran forces began slowly overwhelming Victor Three's forces.

The arrival of Lt. Hale turned the tide of the battle. Ordering Victor Three and his men to distract Chimeran forces, Hale led Echo Team to disable the Hellfire Turrets that had been pinning the unit down and seized a nearby Chimeran shuttle, boarding and eventually destroying the battleship.

Victor Three eventually evacuated from Orick when Echo destroyed the battleship.


Just before boarding the shuttle into the battleship, the player can see Hellfire Turrets firing at some Black Ops on the other side of the fence. This could be Victor Three and his team.