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Victor Four was a Black Ops soldier that deployed to Bryce Canyon to rescue Dr. Fydor Malikov. At the time of the mission, he was relatively inexperienced.

Shortly after the destruction of the Chimeran warship outside of Twin Falls, Idaho, Victor Four was amongst the Victor Company soldiers that voluntarily chose to depart to Bryce Canyon after Hale defied orders from Major Blake to rescue Dr. Malikov.

Arriving at the Canyon, Victor Company and Hale made short work of Chimeran forces and progressed deeper into the rock formation. Their rapid advance was quickly halted when the squad became pinned down by Chimera forces at a bridge. Realizing that a frontal assault was impossible, Hale quickly formulated a plan to split up from the team to flank the enemy. Ordering Victor Four to follow him whilst the rest of the unit distracted the Chimeran forces, both men entered a nearby cave system as Hale gave him quick tips on fighting Chimera. Shortly after he saw his first Leaper, a swarm of the creatures attacked Victor Four and Hale. Quickly overwhelmed, Victor Four was killed.


  • Victor Four can be saved, but his AI prevents him from going with you throughout the rest of the mission. Instead he just stands near the exit of the cave system.