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Victor Company after securing the fission bomb in Cocodrie, Louisiana.

Victor Company is a Black Ops unit that's prominently seen in Resistance 2.


Victor Company was first seen when Major Richard Blake, India Eight-Two, and a squad of Black Ops from their unit extracted the wounded and aimless Sgt. Nathan Hale from the outskirts of London where afterwards, they flew to Iceland for Hale's analysis and subsequent induction into the Sentinel Program. However, when they arrived at SRPA Station Igloo, they discovered it was under attack by the Chimera, as the Chimera were attempting to extract Daedalus. Goliaths deployed as part of the Chimeran task force intercepted India Eight-Two and in the resulting chaos, Victor One was hit by flak and shot out of the VTOL. The VTOL shortly crashed after, but Victor Two, alongside several Black Ops passengers successfully bailed out before the crash landing.

Two years after the Battle of Iceland, elements of Victor Company were deployed throughout California, in an effort to counter the Chimeran invasion of the state. These deployments proved fruitful as on May 15th, 1953, the Chimera launched a full-scale assault on the American mainland. With much of the company spread out through California, Victor-Twenty was ordered to extract Lt. Nathan Hale who had recovered the viral inhibitors and they linked up with the established ground convoy heading into Orick, California to pursue the ship that had been badly damaged during the fighting in San Francisco.

Linking up with Sentinel Team Echo, and Oscar Company the company split up, with one unit following Victor Three, and the rest led by Lt. Nathan Hale and Victor One following the convoy through Gray Territory. Discovering the remains of Oscar Company whom had came through earlier, the convoy was quickly ambushed by Hybrids, Patrol Drones, and Chameleons. Caught off-guard, much of the unit that followed Hale were quickly wiped out along with Victor One. Hale was then forced to proceed alone on foot to rendezvous with Victor Three and his unit. It was at this time that Victor Three located the battleship, and notified Command of its coordinates. Having located their target, Victor Company attempted to destroy the ship with Mobile Artillery, unfortunately they were unable to make any headway but regardless, they continued on and awaited for reinforcements to assist them in the battle.

Subsequently, Echo Team was redeployed to assist the outnumbered units and having finally reunited with Lt. Hale, Victor Company served as a distraction for the Sentinel Team to hijack a Chimeran Shuttle. Their efforts eventually paid off, as Echo ended up taking out the battleship, but Oscar Company was wiped out, and Victor Company suffered heavy casualties.

Following the re-activation of the gun-towers, Victor Four was sent in to extract Lt. Nathan Hale from Twin Falls and head straight to a nearby makeshift facility to receive inhibitor treatment. However, having learned that SRPA Station Genesis was under attack, Offering the Victor units a chance to leave, Hale defied orders from Major Blake and ordered the pilot of the VTOL to head to Bryce Canyon, Utah.

Having arrived at Bryce Canyon, Hale spotted the command ship that had previously fled Twin Falls, but immediately came under heavy fire from the Chimera. Eventually, having cleared the LZ, Hale led Victor Four and the others through the canyon to find Dr. Fyodor Malikov. They received an emergency signal from X-Ray Twelve and came to their aid. With SRPA losing the battle for the bridge, Hale made a desperate gambit and led Victor Four to flank the Chimera whilst the remainder of the company stayed to help X-Ray Twelve. Victor Four was killed, but Hale managed to make it to the other side and kill the remaining Chimera. What was left of the units followed Hale to find Malikov. However, after they reactivated power to the facility, the combined X-Ray-Victor units were wiped out by The Swarm and Hale was forced to continue onwards alone until he found Malikov.

On May 16th, 1953, Victor Company participated in the attack on the Chicago Tower. Arriving at the Michigan-Wacker district, the VTOLs carrying elements of the company were quickly shot down by Stalker and Hellfire units. Outnumbered and outgunned, Victor slowly retreated to a nearby hotel, when they were unexpectedly reinforced by Lt. Nathan Hale's. With his help, the company pressed forward and quickly eliminated the Stalker units that were pinning them down. However, as soon as the Chimeran forces were wiped out, the Leviathan showed up and ambushed Victor. Unable to eliminate the creature, Victor Two offered to serve as distraction while Hale proceeded alone to the tower. Quickly retreating, Victor Company split up, and took to the rooftops to assist Lt. Hale with killing the Leviathan. However, as a result of their engagement with the Leviathan, Victor Company suffered heavy casualties and retreated back to the LDP to recuperate.

It was unlikely that Victor units participated in the assault on the Holar Tower.

Sometime before June 26th, Victor Company was posted in the LDP and despite having fought tenaciously, suffered extreme casualties, which left the company around 10 men strong by the time of Operation: Black Eden.

Subsequently on June 26th, Victor Company joined Operation Black Eden with Maj. Richard Blake, Lt. Nathan Hale, Cpl. Joseph Evan Capelli, X-Ray Squad, and some other Black Ops soldiers. After Blake and X-Ray Squad went MIA, Victor Company narrowly recovered the fission bomb and hijacked a Chimeran Hornet. Capelli and Hale met up with them and Capelli took off in the Hornet with the bomb. Hale and Victor Company fought incoming Chimeran forces as Capelli took off, they successfully defeated the attacking Chimera and Hale left them behind to find Blake.

Following the tactical victory of Operation Black Eden, a wormhole was activated in New York. Having quickly identified this threat, SRPA launched a desperate assault on the tower, and scattered elements of Victor Company participated in the failed attack on the New York Tower. Having been defeated, the remaining soldiers, led by Sgt. Mathison quickly regrouped with elements of Oscar Company and attempted to escape on foot from New York. Unfortunately, the Chimera began hunting down survivors, and their numbers quickly dwindled. By July 10th, Mathison became the last survivor of the group, and unable to escape the city, he decided to make a last stand in a sniper's nest in Washington Square. It was during this time that Mathison was killed, and by extension, Victor Company was wiped out.[1]

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