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The V7 Splicer is a new weapon featured in Resistance 2. The Splicer fires electromagnetic circular saw blades at enemies that are sharp enough to cut through limbs, and splitting up enemies, such as Grims, easily. These blades can ricochet off hard surfaces.

The secondary fire allows the player to increase the spin and heat up the blade before launching it at enemies. This secondary fire causes the blade to continue spinning inside the enemy, causing massive damage internally. By holding down the secondary fire button, the player can also use the Splicer as a melee weapon that works as a chainsaw.


Single Player

  • The Splicer is first used in Chicago, where it is useful in killing the horde of Grims in the beginning of the level.
  • The Splicer's primary fire can travel through multiple enemies, and will fly in circles within an area, often hitting an enemy multiple times. While each individual shot deals average damage, a series of 4 or 5 shots together can slice a group of Chimera into pieces.
  • The Splicer's secondary fire charged shot only hits a single enemy, but deals incredible damage against humanoid Chimera, capable of killing even a Titan with one shot! However, it does not deal such incredible damage against Chimera armor such as Stalkers or Drones, although it still does high damage to them.


  • The Splicer can be used by the Medic once they reach level 28, and it is a very effective weapon purely because of its secondary fire. It will instant kill most Hybrids and against tougher enemies, it will still do damage over time after switching back to the Phoenix.


  • The Splicer does 25 damage per blade; 4 blades will kill an enemy. A charged blade does heavy damage over time, while the melee attack does 100 damage in one second.


In October of 1951, SRPA engineers at Ft. McCabe began tweaking the portable saw used in conversion center rescue operations to fire blades at high velocity. After a highly destructive competition resulting in the loss of an army jeep, General Murray refrained from court-martial the participants and put them to work on a military application for the tool. Nine months later, the first Splicer received a green light for active use.



  • The Splicer appears to be based on the Disc Blade Gun, which also fired saw blades, from Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal. The Disk Blade Gun is, in turn, predated by a similar weapon called The Ripper from Epic Games' Unreal Tournament.
  • The Splicer was one of the weapons cut from Resistance: Fall of Man. [1]
  • Strangely, an overcharged blade can kill a Titan in one hit.
  • In Chicago, when Capelli first sees the splicer he remarks, "Anyone want a Splicer? Looks like its only been fired once." However, when the Splicer is picked up it has full ammo.
  • The Splicer was earlier noted in SRPANET as highly unusual from Representative Boone T. Hawkins, who saw it as a "deli saw on a rifle stock." and suggest using it in more practical means.[2]