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"I was the Admin of the Resistance Wiki, and if you need to contact me, do so here."

Just a Fan of the Resistance series, move along....

I was also the new admin of this wiki, so enjoy your stay here.

Favorite weapon: Marksman

Favorite Chimera: Marauder


Before I was nothing but a visitor to this wiki, but I noticed how the wiki was a bit out of shape so, I started editing, and I felt this wiki really needed help so I became Admin.

I'm also a Runescape Player, my username is the same as this account, and I'm a PS3 owner, and you may contact me on my PS3 by the name of RG2346.

Also if I'm not around you may want to see my Moderators.

I'll be on the wiki now everyday possibly, since my old computer has been fixed, so now I can watch and edit the wiki. Also if you see me doing certain actions you may not understand, you may leave me a message, cause I know exactly what I'm doing here.

User Rankings

  • Crawler-Guest
  • Leaper-Basic Editor
  • Roller-Med Editor
  • Menial-High Editor
  • Hybrid-Great Editor
  • Hardfang-Staff with Med Edits
  • Steelhead-Staff with High Edits
  • Ravager-Staff with Great Edits
  • Titan-Staff with Great Edits, often visits
  • Marauder-Staff with Outstanding Edits, often visits
  • Hybrid Primarch-Med edits, adviser to Admin
  • Steelhead Primarch-High edits, adviser to admin
  • Ravager Primarch-Great edits, adviser to admin
  • Titan Primarch-Outstanding edits, adviser to admin
  • Hybrid Overseer-Med edits, second in command
  • Steelhead Overseer-High edits, second in command
  • Ravager Overseer-Great edits, second in command
  • Titan Overseer-Outstanding edits, second in command
  • Marauder Overseer-Outstanding edits, service to wiki, second in command
  • Angel-second in command, helper to admin and users
  • Daedalus-Admins of Wiki

My Moderators

Staff Daget Sparrow | Person1 | Sorofin
Admin Drgyen | Rgknight2346 (formerly)