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About me[]

I pre-ordered the RESISTANCE 3:Survivor Edition w/ $155/$190 payed off sofar

I come from "The Land Down Under" and Im Bloody proud of it Mate!

I've been w/ PlayStation since the PS2 in 2002 and will never leave SONY.

I'm currently playing Call of Duty:BLACK OPS & hoping to Reach 2nd Presitige (who cares if its a low lvl) as well as playing Zombies (mainly on Der Riese)

I have a PlayStation collection and sofar I have:

All 3 PS2 Models, PSP 3000 (screen broken) & the 1st PS3. Im looking for people who are willing to Donate there PSOne.

I Speak English (Aussie Slang) & hope to learn Spanish & Japanese as a fluent language.

My favourite show of all time is "That '70s Show"

My favourite Movie of all time is "Back to the FUTURE part III" even though it was made 6 years before I was born.

My Online Usernames are:

You TUBE:AlexanderACDC73

PSN:AlexanderACDC73 & KAJLKK

XBox LIVE:AlexanderACDC73

My contributions[]

I mainly Contribute to Getting pictures of RESISTANCE 3 and uploading them to this Wikia

My favorite pages[]

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