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The US Isolationist League was an American political organization that was against U.S. military involvement in the early stages of the Chimeran War.


After the Great War, many citizens in the United States tried to force the government to adopt an isolationist policy. Citizens believed that America should not entangle themselves in other countries politics.

Following the outbreak of the Chimeran War in Europe in the late 1940s, President Noah Grace heavily censored the American media and leading citizens to be unaware of the existence of the Chimera and believing that Europe had just embroiled itself into another war. This led to the creation of organizations supporting for American isolationism such as the US Isolationist League and the Alliance for American Autonomy. These organisations were against sending U.S. troops into Europe.

By 1950 the Chimera had reached Britain, the threat became clear and the U.S. had no choice but to intervene. This led to much protests in the United States. Whilst the AAA organized attacks and hijackings, the US Isolationist League seemed to choose a much more pacifist approach by utilising a pamphlet campaign. The pamphlet campaign seemed to have garnered some success as even soldiers of the 1st Ranger Regiment, involved in America's military operations in England, were known to carry the Isolationist League's propaganda.


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