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Tommy Dean is a character in Resistance 3.


Tommy Dean is a resident of Haven, Oklahoma. After the townspeople defeated a Chimeran Death Squad, Tommy Dean was found to be unaccounted for during a check-in, in which Joseph Capelli was sent to find him. After Capelli found him, Tommy Dean showed him what appeared to be a large storm coming, in which Capelli told them it was a Terraformer. They then went back to Haven to warn everyone while fighting through Chimeran forces. After everyone in town escaped and Capelli went with Malikov, it is unknown what happened to Tommy Dean.


  • Tommy Dean is the first Human Multiplayer skin in Resistance 3.
  • Tommy Dean is seen as quiet a clumsy character, when he doesn't report in after the Death Squad attack it is suggested that he went out of radio range again; he is oblivious of a Chimeran Dropship firing at him and is fortunate that Capelli tackled him out of the line of fire.