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(Based on dates given directly from the games, official websites, and other media)




  • March 22nd: Sergeant Benjamin Warner is captured and served 30 days in stockade for "absence without leave" and attempting to make contact with his family.[2]
  • March 30th: Major Blake sent a written proposal to President Harvey McCullen of forming a "new special forces detachment" known as Specter, that is specially task in infiltrating Chimeran held territories and recovering gray tech.[4]


  • April 6th: The Chimera invades Africa. Despite the warm African temperature, the Chimera have evolved newer strains of the hybrid virus along with more advanced heat radiation implants that allow their troops to withstand much higher temperatures.[5]
  • April 11th: Nathan Hale is awarded the Silver Star for the successful retrieval of eighteen stranded civilians inside gray territory formerly known as Wisconsin.[1]
  • April 19th: Specter Team infiltrate Chimera-occupied Chicago and prevent the Chimera from launching a full-scale ground assault on the northeast section of the Liberty Defense Perimeter, during Operation Shadow Strike.[6]
  • April 21st: SRPA Recon Team X-Ray infiltrate the Chicago Tower. After accessing one of the tower's control stations by using the Malikov Cipher, they learned that the tower is linked to seven other towers, six of which were previously unknown.[7]
  • April 22nd: The Chimeran threat in Chicago is largely contained. Specter Team had decimated the Chimeran command structure, seized key strategic locations, eliminating much of the Chimeran infrastructure in the city and result their first victory against Daedalus. Chicago still remained as gray territory.[8]
  • April 24th: Africa is finally overrun by the Chimera as over 170,000 African civilians are evacuated from the Northern and Western coasts of the continent by British forces.[5]
  • April 28th: President McCullen announced a new executive initiative in which 150,000 selected American citizens will be transported to the Hawaiian islands where they will continue to live indefinitely. Some reporters dubbed the initiative "Operation Aloha."[10]
  • April 30th: President McCullen issues evacuation orders to major cities in the United States.[11]


  • May 3rd: Intelligence analysts at SRPA 3 discovered that the Chimera are constructing a 300-foot-tall enclosure surrounding Wrigley Field inside Chicago. SRPA, however see it as a insignificant threat. The enclosure is implicated to be the birth place of the Leviathan.[12]


  • The V7 Splicer receives a green light for active use.
  • July 1st: 150,000 selected American citizens are transported to Hawaii.[10]
  • July 23rd: A surprise Chimeran aerial attack hit Orick, California; catching American military forces off guard. On the same day, massive spire attacks hit Florida and Georgia, prompting President McCullen to declare the entire southeast coast a Gray Zone.[13]
  • July 23rd: A group of survivors in Savannah, Georgia take shelter in the Telfair Museum and sent a distress signal over ham radio.[13]
  • July 24th: President McCullen orders all remaining U.S. citizens living in outer states to evacuate their homes and move within the Liberty Defense Perimeter, which is nearing completion. He commissions emergency construction of an additional 50 protection camps within the LDP.[14]
  • July 30th: U.S. forces in Panama City spotted four Chimeran airships that are traveling toward Columbia. In the ensuing three days the airships blanketed South America with wave after wave of spire missiles.[15]


  • August 5th: Operation Green Eagle results in a decisive victory for SRPA. Specter Team inflicted heavy casualties on the Chimeran command structure in Orick. Without a command structure, Chimeran forces are unable to produce enough troop quantities in the area towards large population targets. The Chimera's attack on Orick appears to have been backfired as Specter Team succeeded in recovering Grey Tech components in the area.[17]
  • August 7th: SRPA intelligence analyzed that the Chimeran command structure has become far more organized and hierarchical in the past months, without their dependency on the Angels.[18]
  • August 9th: Reconnaissance teams spotted two very large Chimeran aerial battleships approximately three miles off the coast of San Francisco. The vessels did not attempt to or further approach the city. It is suspected that the Chimera may have been testing the range of San Francisco's anti-aircraft batteries. This marks the fifth sighting of these vessels.[19]
  • August 9th: Due to the influx of refugees from around the world and the shortage of food and supplies, Australia has rapidly escalated into civil war.[20]
  • August 10th: Dr. Fyodor Malikov notes in his journal that after testing the isotopes of the gray tech it reveals that its materials were not of terrestrial origins and believed to be created by unknown beings who had contacted with the Chimera.[21]
  • August 11th: President McCullen reiterated his open border policies to refugees heralding from Gray Zone countries in response to the Chimera's Spire attacks on South America.[15]
  • August 12th: Dr. Richard P. Feynman at SRPA 7 describes the surprising results of the gray tech components, and deduced that the technologies were meant to form a larger component as if it were a puzzle. He, however, notes the question as to why the gray tech were separated around the world in the first place.[22]
  • August 14th: The Liberty Defense Perimeter is finally completed.[14]


  • September 14th: In the past two months spire attacks has been increasing on the coasts of the United States as large sections of all coastal states are now gray zones, and the Chimera continue to build infrastructure at these locations. SRPA intelligence believes that the Chimera's unusual display of military prowess and centering their attacks on least defended high populations areas suggest that the Chimeran strategy is heavily influenced and commanded by Daedalus.[23]
  • September 25th: The U.S. Army list Aaron Hawthorne as killed in action before he's reclaimed by SRPA.[24]
  • September 27th: Treatment of Inhibitor Stage 5 for Aaron Hawthorne has been authorized.[24]


  • October 8th: Sentinel Team Echo successfully infiltrated and destroyed an Chimeran factory that had been constructing fighter aircraft during Operation Kodiak. One unexpected outcome of the operation is the acquisition of a disassembled Chimeran aircraft.[25]


  • November 2nd: Aaron Hawthorne is awarded the SRPA Gold Cross for exemplary service during Operation Charon.[24]
  • November 10th: Joseph Capelli is demoted from Sergeant to Corporal and is sentenced to three months inactive status.[26]
  • November 11th: Nathan Hale planned and executed Operation Frozen Fortress.[1]


  • December 7th: Colonel Rachel Parker sent an emergency request for assistance from SRPA, concerning with a research base in Axbridge which possesses research into recovered gray tech as well as Chimeran nuclear reactor technology, being under attack by Chimeran forces. SRPA commence Operation Allied Shield.[27]
  • December 8th: SRPA Team Alpha is lost when attempting to infiltrate an enemy command outpost in Bend, Oregon.[28]
  • December 12th: The Chimeran threat in Axbridge is largely contained by Specter Team.[30]
  • December 14th: The Chimera retook Bracknell; formerly one of the largest Chimeran bases of power.[32]
  • Between December 15th and December 20th: Two Sentinels on Charlie Team were killed while eliminating a conversion center inside occupied New York City.[33]
  • December 21st: In Raleigh, North Carolina Echo Team's leader, Lt. Hank Leavitt, is killed while attempting to destroy a Stalker production facility. Nathan Hale succeed as leader of Echo Team.[28]
  • December 21st: In SRPA 7, Dr. Julia Cathcart writes in her journal of the remarkable results of experimenting the gray tech components.[34]
  • December 22nd: Due to recent studies, the Sentinels are required to have more advanced forms of inhibitor treatments to keep the Chimeran virus in their bodies in check.[28]
  • December 23rd: Colonel Rachel Parker advised all Allied forces not to attack the Cloven as they never appear to attack humans, unless they are attacked first.[33]
  • December 24th: Outside of Axbridge, SRPA recon teams discovered a destroyed drone construction factory with all the Chimera inside being killed and mutilated or partially eaten. The power cores in the equipment had been stripped throughout the facility. Also that was discovered are the bodies of four Titan Overseers that were found with their hearts carved out and stacked on the floor. Near the hearts, scrawled in Chimeran blood, were words written in Russian, which translated to: "the angels sleep". The Cloven are at fault for the aforementioned actions. SRPA analysts doesn't perceive this as a threat to Specter Team or SRPA's salvage teams, but recon teams are order to continue to monitor the facility as a precaution.[35]
  • December 24th: In a research laboratory in London, a female Cloven escaped from her cell and killed 14 British soldiers. One of the surviving guards claims that the prisoner "became invisible" and was shot "forty or fifty" times before escaping.[36]
  • December 25th: In response to the laboratory incident in London, Colonel Rachel Parker issued a warning to military personnel to be exceedingly cautious of Cloven in the area. She further requests that all Allied forces not to attempt to engage or hunt the Cloven as the creatures are not openly hostile toward humans unless provoked.[36]
  • December 27th: The Chimeran threat in Bracknell is largely contained. While the Chimera still has command units in the area, they have been unable to establish increased infrastructure or sufficient troop numbers to launch an offensive beyond Bracknell.[37]
  • December 29th: Dr. Richard Feynman writes in his journal that a recent experiment with the gray tech components reveals that the components themselves applies quantum electrodynamics to communicate with other gray tech components from long distances.[38]
  • December 31st: British and Maquis forces had planned an assault on a conversion center in Hamburg, Germany but only to discovered that all the Chimera in the facility had been killed. Close inspections revealed that the Chimera had been killed with short bladed weapons and many of their bodies were mutilated and eaten.[39]
  • December 31st: Sentinel Team Delta led an assault on a Chimeran communications array in Montana but during the assault lost three of their members.[40]