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Date Unknown[]


  • January 5th: A Goliath is taken down in nearly two hours by a small British squad using hit-and-run tactics.[2]
  • January 7th: The U.S. Marine Corps lists Joseph Capelli as killed in action before he's reclaimed by SRPA.[3]
  • January 11th: Joseph Capelli is recruited to the Sentinel Program in SRPA Station 003.[3]
  • January 12th: Joseph Capelli is assigned to Sentinel Kilo Team, under the leadership of Senior Officer Lt. Stuart Brown.[3]
  • January 20th: Lieutenant Stephen Cartwright's British Commando unit finds piles of charred bodies. Furthermore, they discover groups of savage humans seemingly aligned with the Chimera. These foreign fighters ritualistically mutilate both themselves and their victims. They leave slashed-hand markings behind, and were recognized as the Cloven.
  • January 27th: Stephen Cartwright's squad encounters more and more Cloven each day, as noted in his journal.
  • January 29th: Stephen Cartwright notes that attempts at communicating with the Cloven result in violence, and that their motives are unclear, as they appear to regard both humans and Chimera as enemies.
  • January 29th: Joseph Capelli is cited for Conduct Unbecoming. He is suspended for two weeks.[3]
  • January 31st: Stephen Cartwright observes the Cloven scavenging the bodies of some British soldiers after a battle. Cartwright wonders how even the Cloven can resort to such savagery.


  • February 6th: Lieutenant Colonel Canning is captured and imprisoned in a conversion center in Grimsby, England. He noticed that the facility is running on a skeleton crew, and that the Chimera doesn't have enough "fresh bodies to warrant full-ties operation". Canning later escaped from his cell and tries to find a way to escape the facility.[5]
  • February 12th: Joseph Capelli returns to Kilo Team.
  • February 13th: A sole, wounded VTOL pilot notices the sudden early migration of seabirds due to sudden weather changes caused by the Chimera.[6]
  • February 18th: Captain Samuel Cooper commends that the construction of the George Washington Bridge must be capable in supporting the specific load and traffic.[7]


  • March 3rd: Project Abraham meets minimum health and safety standards required for final evacuation.[4]
  • March 8th: A group of British soldiers that were ordered to hunt a group of Cloven found them dead and hanging from a birch tree with their tongues cut out. The soldiers examined the bodies and discovered in their mouths a picture of their presumed leader.[8]
  • March 9th: Joseph Capelli is discovered by Sentinel Bravo Team as the sole survivor of Operation Bellerophon in a conversion center in Warsaw, Poland for six weeks. How he survived is omitted from the official record and his accounts is unverified.[3]
  • March 10th: Before staffers had the opportunity to destroy all medical records in an incinerator as planned, Project Abraham came under heavy fire from the north by the Chimera. U.S. military personnel retreat to the safety of remaining HOV's (high-occupancy vehicles), which continue away from the base with all survivors in tow.[4]
  • March 11th: The Project Abraham facility is declared abandoned despite the existence of classified materials on site.[4]
  • March 15th: Sergeant Drake and an unnamed British soldier were separated from their squad after being ambushed by the Chimera while hunting a group of Cloven. They later found the remains of their squad.[9]
  • March 17th: Sergeant Drake and the soldier are being followed by a group of Cloven.[9]
  • March 18th: Only the British soldier remains after Sergeant Drake disappeared while gathering water. The fate of the soldier is currently unknown.[9]


  • May 2nd: Major Robert Garret of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers notifies to Captain Samuel Cooper that the lower deck of the George Washington Bridge is completed and is certified to being able to support the specific loads and traffic previously addressed by Captain Cooper.[7]
  • May 12th: Othmar Ammann, the Chief Engineer of the George Washington Bridge Lower Deck Project, finish his engineering review on the completion of the lower deck to be open to the traffic.[10]
  • May 15th: British Royal Marine James Grayson raids a conversion center in Manchester, where he discovers his brother, Johnny, who has already been infected and succumbed to the Chimeran virus. James is forced to kill his brother. This incident drove Grayson into deserting his unit and went on a vendetta to destroy every conversion center he could find throughout Britain.[11]


  • Unknown Date: The U.S. naval fleet reaches the British coast, and deploys aerial surveillance craft to scout the area; no signs of human or animal life are detected.
  • June 4th: Dr. Joshua Lederberg writes a letter to Richard Gorrell on the very unsuccessful results produced by Project Abraham. Dr. Leberberg, furthermore, declines Gorrell's request to be a part of his project on Ellis Island due to ethical concerns.[12]


  • Unknown Date: John Martinez sends his letter to his daughter, Ellie Martinez before the mail goes out.[13]
  • July 7th: British soldiers follow several Clovens from Lancaster and observe them engaging against the Chimera, despite the Cloven being usually avoiding conflict with the Chimera at all costs.[14]
  • July 8th: Eleven SRPA employees die from severe head trauma caused by Jordan Shepherd's new-found psychokinetic powers. Shepherd is overpowered and sedated by a SRPA panic team.[15]
  • July 10th: Captain Samuel Cooper writes to all SRPA personnel on Ellis Island that a scheduled drop-off of a disassembled Chimeran dropship will be arriving on July 22nd.[16]
  • July 11th: The Cloven that have come from Lancaster have lured Chimeran forces to York to set up a conflict between arriving American military forces in the city and the Chimera.[14]
  • July 11th: After unsuccessfully trying to contact British forces, the U.S. Navy launches Operation Deliverance. The 3rd Ranger Regiment are airlifted to York in order to secure a landing site. The flight is decimated by Chimeran anti-aircraft fire.
  • July 11th: The events of Resistance: Fall of Man begin. Sergeant Nathan Hale and members of the 1st Ranger Regiment arrive in York. The 1st Ranger Regiment suffers heavy casualties, Nathan Hale is infected by Crawlers and becomes semi-immune to the Chimeran Virus. The surviving remnants of the 1st Ranger Regiment, including Hale, regroup at an abandoned bus depot and manage to secure a landing zone at the depot. However, the Chimera launch a bombardment of spire missiles at York, decimating the 1st Ranger Regiment. Hale is knocked unconscious during the attack. The comatose soldiers along with Hale are transported to a Chimeran conversion center in Grimsby by Carriers.[17]
  • July 12th: Nathan Hale regains conscious and is able to save Captain Rachel Parker before she could be infected by Crawlers. Together, Hale and Parker escape from the Grimsby conversion center and are extracted by the British resistance.[19]
  • July 12th: Nathan Hale arrives in Manchester and helps the British to protect their convoy which contains a captured Angel. They are able to repel Chimeran forces and safely extract the Angel.
  • July 12th: Operation Shear is initiated and overseen by Lieutenant Stephen Cartwright. Nathan Hale arrives in Nottingham and assists the British in sealing the tunnel nexus. In spite of the success of Operation Shear, little do the British Army know that they have just stopped the Chimera from excavating another Chimeran tower.
  • July 12th: Shortly following after Operation Shear, British Northern Command in Cheshire, containing the Angel from Manchester, is attacked and occupied by Chimeran forces.
  • July 13th: After losing contact with Northern Command, Nathan Hale and Rachel Parker arrive to discover its dire situation. Hale and Parker are separated, which the former fought through the facility, killing the captured Angel. Northern Command is immediately abandoned. Hale travels to Cheddar in Somerset and assists Stephen Cartwright in repelling the Chimera that are attacking the town and killing most of Cartwright's team. Together, Hale and Cartwright follow the retreating Chimera to Cheddar Gorge.
  • July 13th: SRPA Executive Director Lyle K. Parsons orders the reclamation of all surviving test subjects of Project Abraham to be analyzed, should the threat of further transformation, similar to the case of Jordan Shepherd, is contained. After learning of reports of Nathan Hale being alive and active in England, Parsons orders the capture of Hale as a top priority.[20]
  • July 13th: Stephen Cartwright and Nathan Hale discover an excavated Chimeran tower in Cheddar Gorge. They travel to Southern Command where it is besieged by Chimeran forces. Hale and Cartwright manage to assist British personnel in the evacuation. The survivors are evacuated to Cardiff, except for Nathan Hale who decided to follow the source of the power conduits from the Chimeran towers.
  • July 13th: Nathan Hale enters the tunnels, that lie beneath Bracknell, and travels several miles, following the underground power conduits, all the way to the central Chimeran Tower known as C-3 in the Lambeth suburb of London.
  • July 14th: Nathan Hale radioes Rachel Parker and reports his conclusion that destroying the hub tower in London would destroy the Chimera in Britain. A joint British-American military assault is organized in launching an all-out attack on Chimeran-occupied London, initiating the Battle of London.
  • July 14th: Doctor Thomas Yearling and several solders infiltrate the London Chimeran tower to make an assessment of its purpose and functions.[21]
  • July 14th: The events of Resistance: Fall of Man end. The Battle of London results in a major victory and turning point for humanity. The main Chimeran tower is destroyed by Nathan Hale, creating an unstable chain reaction that propagates all the connected towers in the network and killing all Angels throughout Britain and causing the deaths of all Chimeran forces en mass within minutes. After the combat subsided, all surviving personnel of the British forces are investigated the ruins of five towers as they attempt to research and reverse engineer on Chimeran technology and also searching in every city and village for survivors. 921 human survivors are found, who hid themselves under basements and bunkers (78 of them children, including Stephen Cartwright's daughter, Angela, are among them). The U.S. Army list Nathan Hale as killed in action.
  • July 15th: Nathan Hale wanders in the outskirts of London, where he is extracted by a SRPA Black Ops team led by Major Richard Blake to SRPA Station Igloo.[22]
  • July 15th: Dr. Nancy Forbes sends her message from SRPA Station Kali to Captain Samuel Cooper that they have completed their study of the Chimeran dropship.[23]
  • July 15th: SRPA Station Igloo comes under attack by the Chimera. Richard Blake and Nathan Hale untimely arrive in the ensuing battle. Jordan Shepherd, now code-named as Daedalus, escapes. Surviving SRPA personnel, including Blake, Hale, and Dr. Fyodor Malikov evacuated Station Igloo.[24]
  • July 17th: Nathan Hale is recruited into the Sentinel Program.[25]
  • July 21st: Thibodeaux writes a letter to his grandfather about a strange "crawfish" that he found in Bayonne, New Jersey.[27]
  • July 22nd: The U.S. Navy freighter Maui is scheduled to arrive in New York, bringing the cargo of a disassembled Chimeran dropship to SRPA Station Kali on Ellis Island.[16]
  • July 23rd: Canada comes under attacked by a series of spire missiles. Millions are informed to be killed from the initial bombardments while others in the hundred of thousands are infected by Crawlers. Following the siege, many comatose bodies have overrun local hospitals as the Canadian government is completely unsure how to proceed.[28]
  • July 28th: Chimeran forces are seen gathered at scalar reactor nodes, grouped around each tower. Reconnaissance proves that the nodes provide resupply points for the Hybrids, and that they are connected to the tower's energy grids.
  • July 28th: Loyd Gowers writes a request to Frank Connors of the Federal Department of Energy in regarding to the unusual power fluctuations and brownouts associated with Ellis Island.[29]


  • Unknown Date: Captain Ronald Murray of the New York State Police designes a weapon that became known by its handlers in SRPA as the XR-13 Bellock.[30]
  • August 2nd: U.S. platoons are ordered to recover data from a recon base, and come under attack from the Cloven. However, an unspecified hostile faction then enters the fray, and attacks both humans and Cloven alike. An hour later, an Allied response finds only the dead bodies of human soldiers and Cloven raiders. The base itself is unmarked except for the command center which is blackened by thermite grenades. No data is found.
  • August 6th: Harvey Corbin writes a response to Richard Gorrell that the Ellis Island project is currently at $1.6 million dollars over budget and suspends all payment bills concerning to the project.[31]
  • August 7th: The Cloven routinely ransack Chimeran scalar reactor nodes, and the lack of a response from the Chimera would seem to suggest a relationship between the two factions. U.K. Intelligence believes that the Cloven are stockpiling weapons to use against Allied forces.
  • August 9th: Dr. Nancy Forbes writes a process report to SRPA Field Units that scientists had successfully modified the artifact-based control modules that can be use to manipulate the Chimeran specimens in SRPA's possession.[32]
  • August 11th: General Owen Sommers address General Order 417 to all military forces on the following order of all executive level escape routes.[33]
  • August 12th: Benjamin Warner is reclaimed by SRPA Tactical Ops.[1]
  • August 12th: President Noah Grace refuses to allow any Canadian refugees from the afflicted areas in Canada that fell to the Chimera into the United States, reasoning on supposed pandemic problems. He, however, promised whatever aid the U.S. can provide for Canada in the form of food rations and medical supplies.[34]
  • August 12th: 1st Lieutenant Al Farley of the 11th Transportation Battalion addresses the scheduled delivery of Shipment 89754 and memorandum to Sergeant Hampton aboard the U.S.S. Puerto Rico.[35]
  • Ausutst 12th: Captain Samuel Cooper addresses a memorandum on withdrawal procedures to all SRPA personnel on Ellis Island.[36]
  • August 13th: Benjamin Warner is recruited into the Sentinel Program.[1]
  • August 13th: The Naval Ordnance Laboratory in Washington, D.C. delivers their shipment to Ellis Island which is consigned by Captain Samuel Cooper.[37]
  • August 13th: Dr. Leonid Makine writes a letter to his colleague Dr. Joshua Lederberg to inform him that he will be forcefully recruit to the SRPA laboratory on Ellis Island.[38]
  • August 14th: Benjamin Warner is assigned to Sentinel Team Echo.[1]
  • August 14th: New York City is hit by spire attacks, becoming America's first gray territory and signifying the beginning of the Chimera's attack on America.[39]
  • August 14th: Sammy and his companions of the Minutemen investigate several mysterious pods that came out of the sky and landed onto the power station on Staten Island, they encounter several Longlegs.[40]
  • August 14th: The events of Resistance: Burning Skies begin. The Chimera launch an attack on New York City. Local fireman Tom Riley inadvertently joins the militia group, the Minutemen, led by Ellie Martinez in fending off the Chimera and allowing New York citizens, including Riley's family, to evacuate the city. The Chimera launch several Spire Missiles on Staten Island. Riley escapes with the Minutemen.[41]
  • August 14th: Henry Stillman reports that American military forces are fighting the Chimeran in Atlantic City, Baltimore, Boston, Washington, D.C. and all the other cities of the U.S. eastern seaboard. Many people are either killed or taken away by the Chimera to be converted.
  • August 14th: Ellie Martinez brings Tom Riley to a military base in Bayonne, New Jersey and is introduced to Colonel George Amherst. The base soon comes under attack by the Chimera. Riley assists U.S. personnel in repelling the Chimera. The Abomination emerges from Upper New York Bay and attacks the base until it is finally killed by Riley.[42]
  • August 14th: Belmont, Coney Island, Greenwich Village, Harlem, Red Hook, Jackson Heights and all the other New York City districts are completely abandoned and taken over by the Chimera.
  • August 15th: Tom Riley and Ellie Martinez infiltrate SRPA Station Kali on Ellis Island, where they learn about the "human source" for Richard Gorrell's project. Riley and Martinez procure a film containing Gorrell's project.
  • August 15th: The Protection Camp in Union City, New Jersey is attacked by the Chimera due to the manipulations of Richard Gorrell. Human survivors, including Natalie and Rachel Riley, are taken away by Carriers.
  • August 15th: Henry Stillman reports that the states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and all the other states along the American eastern seaboard are occupied by the Chimera, becoming gray territories, as American military forces are unable to stop the invasion.
  • August 15th: The events of Resistance: Burning Skies end. Tom Riley and Ellie Martinez infiltrate the Conversion Tower in New Jersey. Natalie Riley is infected beyond any help, and forced Tom to kill her. Ellie manages to save Rachel and several uninfected survivors as Tom attempted to stop Gorrell, who tries to control a premature-created Leviathan. Tom Riley battles and destroys the Leviathan, which is caught in the tower's power core, causing the destabilisation of the facility. Riley kills Gorrell and narrowly escapes the tower prior to its destruction.
  • August 17th: Benjamin Warner is cited for attempting to contact his family.[1]
  • August 20th: Maine, parts of New Hampshire, Vermont and New York are hit by Spire Missiles. President Grace declares the country's first Gray Zone and orders the territory sealed off.[44]
  • August 21st: Project Phoenix takes over Project Abraham.
  • August 23rd: Chimeran forces have completely sealed off the Atlantic coastline and constructed several Gun Towers.
  • August 29th: The events of Resistance: Retribution begin. James Grayson is imprisoned and sentenced to death by firing squad for his desertion, despite being seen by many as a hero. His sentence is avoided as the Maquis offers to recruit Grayson, due to his knowledge of Chimeran conversion centers.
  • August 30th: British troops encounter Cloven encampments, but heavy fire forces them to withdraw. After action reports describe Chimeran weapons more devastating than anything seen before; it is currently unknown whether the Cloven are in possession of advanced Chimeran weaponry, or if they've simply modified existing designs.
  • August 30th: Operation Overstrike is initiated. The First Squadron of British and Maquis forces attempt to land on Chimeran-occupied Rotterdam from the air but unexpectedly encounter Chimeran anti-aircraft gun towers that devastate the First Squadron. The operation almost becomes a disaster; however, the efforts of the surviving remnants of Maquis and British commando forces (including Stephen Cartwright, Colonel Roland Mallery, Raine Bouchard and James Grayson) are able to destroy the gun towers and allowing the Second Squadron to reinforce and retake Rotterdam.


  • September 1st: James Grayson accompanies Raine Bouchard and Colonel Roland Mallery to infiltrate and investigate a conversion facility in Bonn, Germany. Grayson is separated from his companions, and fights his way through the city ruins hoping to reunite with them. Bouchard is captured by the Chimera. Grayson set explosives charges inside the Bonn facility before he rescue and escape with Bouchard. The Bonn facility is soon destroyed by Grayson, who is then reprimanded by Raine and Mallery. They left for Luxembourg, leaving Grayson behind.
  • September 2nd: James Grayson arrives at the Chimeran Construction Zone in Gerolstein and assists Major Stephen Cartwright and British soldiers in destroying several Chimeran Earth Movers that threatens Luxembourg.
  • September 3rd: Stephen Cartwright and James Grayson arrive in Luxembourg to assist the Maquis and British Royal Marines to hold off Chimeran forces until all remaining military personnel and refugees are evacuated to the Maquis safe zone in Reims. Dr. Claude Bouchard finished his serum that will eradicate the Carrier strain, but is killed.
  • September 3rd: In response to the Chimeran attack on the American northeast, President Noah Grace approved the construction of the Liberty Defense Perimeter.[39]
  • September 4th: Maquis and British leaders planned to make a final assault on the Chimera tower in Paris and deliver the serum to the Chrysalis Lair. However, James Grayson argued that Raine Bouchard has already been infected in Bonn and feared she will jeopardize the mission. His desperate cries are ignored and is taken away into confinement by Roland Mallery.
  • September 5th: Rachel Parker and Stephen Cartwright frees James Grayson from confinement and is given a second sample of Dr. Claude Bouchard's serum to infect the Chrysalis Lair and stopping Raine Bouchard.
  • September 6th: Major Stephen Cartwright and his task force launch an full-scale assault on Chimera-occupied Paris. Roland Mallery is infected by Raine Bouchard and battle against James Grayson, forcing the latter to kill the former Maquis colonel.
  • September 6th: James Grayson release Dr. Claude Bouchard's serum at the "heart" of the Chrysalis Lair allowing the slowing death of the Carrier strain in Europe, and grounding Chimeran conversion centers to a halt. Raine Bouchard mutates into a being known as the Chrysalis and battle Grayson. The Chrysalis is defeated, but it forewarns Grayson that some of the surviving Chimera are evolving into more advanced species and are only starting a newer conversion process. The Chrysalis is killed by Grayson. Major Stephen Cartwright's task force successfully destroys the Paris hub tower and, just as similar to the destruction of the London hub tower in England, causing massive disorganization among the Chimera throughout Western Europe. However, Chimeran forces are still active in Spain, the Balkans, and Russia, as construction of vast fleets of warships are completed, which their targets and destinations remained unknown at that time.
  • September 9th: The events of Resistance: Retribution ends. Following the liberation of Western Europe, surviving British and Maquis soldiers had made a memorial for those who were killed or converted by the Chimera during Operation Overstrike. James Grayson's record is cleared by British command and offered to give him a field promotion to Major. Instead, Grayson decided to join the Maquis and mentioned an opening for a colonel.
  • September 18th: Benjamin Warner is cited for a second attempt in making contact with his family.[1]


  • October 14th: President Grace calls for the immediate evacuation of Chicago. The evacuation came too late as the city fell under a wave of spire attacks, infecting many of Chicago's population. The spire attack claims Chicago and surrounding areas. Government troops seal off a 50 mile radius around the city. Millions are abandoned to the Chimera as the nation's second Gray Zone is declared.[45][44]


  • Unknown Date: The Chimera have completely taken over Canada.
  • November 1st: Joseph Capelli is assigned to Bravo Team and participate in Operation Icarus. Capelli's actions in this operation resulted in heavy casualties and the loss of SRPA Substation Kappa.[3]
  • November 1st: The very first Liberty Defense Tower went active in Columbus, Ohio.[46]
  • November 16th: President Grace consults his cabinet on Project Omega, which concerns on a possible exclusive truce between the United States and the Chimera. With the exception of Secretary of War Henry Walker and Vice President Harvey McCullen, Grace's cabinet approve Project Omega.[47]
  • November 19th: Nathan Hale traveled to Chimera-occupied South Dakota in an area few miles from his old ranch in order to discover the fate of his family.[47]
  • November 19th: President Grace finalized and enacted Project Omega. In total disgust, Henry Walker and along with his wife, Myra, discretely left Washington, D.C. with the intention of revealing the public of Project Omega through the resistance group Freedom First.[47]
  • November 21st: Nathan Hale finally reaches the home of his foster family and find a message left by his foster sister, Susan Farley, revealing that their parents were killed, and was planning to head for a protection camp.[47]
  • November 25th: The Chimera overrun a Protection Camp just outside the Liberty Defense Perimeter in Montana.[47]
  • November 27th: Washington, D.C. comes under a Spire attack, shortly after President Grace makes a public news conference in front of the refurbished Lincoln Memorial. The threat is quickly contained by the military. The attack on Washington forces the American government to be relocated to Denver, Colorado that is within the Liberty Defense Perimeter.[47]
  • November 28th: Operation Iron Fist is initiated. Echo Team successfully procured several nuclear fuel rods from a Chimeran base near the town of Hot Springs, South Dakota.[47]
  • November 29th: Henry and Myra Walker are intercepted and captured by the Chimera while on their destination to Freedom First in Chicago. The couple are brought to the Hasbro Mining pit near Madison, Wisconsin.[47]


  • Date Unknown: SRPA adopted the M5A2 Folsom Carbine as the standard-issue weapon for the Sentinel program.
  • December 3rd: Echo Team is sent into Chicago into capturing the Walker's; however, they learned from Freedom First that the Walker's had never arrived in the city.[47]
  • December 7th: Daedalus is recaptured by American forces and is imprisoned near Sheridan, Wyoming.[47]
  • December 10th: Nathan Hale is sent to infiltrate a Freedom First base near Custer, Montana to learn the whereabouts of the Walker's. He is soon outed by his foster sister Susan Farley. After being subsequently released, both Hale and Susan reconciled in which the latter expressed her refusal to come with Hale.[47]
  • December 11th: The prisoners at the Hasbro Mining pit are secretly building several escape tunnels. The sulfide mine was served as a make-shift conversion center for the prisoners. Among the victims was Myra Walker.[47]
  • December 15th: A SRPA recon unit, who are working with the Maquis, discovered evidence of a Chimeran shipyard 103 kilometers south of Bonn, Germany. This shipyard is known by the Maquis as the Chimera Construction Zone. General Archibald Solomon recommend elevating the alert level on the Liberty Defense Perimeter and notifying the Department of War of a probable homeland assault within the next two years.[48]
  • December 15th: President Grace initiated his Victory Tour in the wake of the news of Daedalus's capture. He began his Victory Tour in Denver. During a rally in front of the Colorado State Capitol, Freedom First rebels, Anthony Puzo and Susan Farley, attempt to assassinate the President. However, the assassination attempt is foiled by Lt. Nathan Hale and results for the Governor of Colorado, who was standing behind the president, to be non-fatally hit. Anthony Puzo is killed by return fire while Susan Farley is captured and imprisoned for life on the charges of murder.[47]
  • December 17th: The northern border of the Liberty Defense Perimeter becomes operational. Defense columns stretch from Ohio to southern Idaho.[44]
  • December 20th: The prisoners at the Hasbro Mining pit began their escape through the escape tunnels. Only several prisoners made out of the mining pit before Chimeran guards discovered and foiled the escape attempt.[47]
  • December 21st: Harley Burl, a escaped prisoner from the Hasbro Mining pit, made contact with SRPA and divulge on the location of Henry Walker. SRPA dispatched Strike Force Zebra in rescuing the 282 remaining prisoners in the Hasbro Mining pit. Sentinels, led by Nathan Hale, stormed the Conversion Center and find Henry Walker dead and his recording on Project Omega.[47]
  • December 24th: President Noah Grace begins his negotiation with Daedalus of settling a truce between the United States and the Chimera of withdrawing Chimeran forces from the United States and allowing the Chimera to conquer the rest of the world. Nathan Hale kills Grace for treason and Daedalus escapes to the safety of a Chimeran warship which was allowed into Sheridan's airspace as part of the negotiations. Before retreating back to Chimeran territory, Daedalus has the warship destroy Sheridan in retaliation for his imprisonment.[47]
  • December 25th: Noah Grace's death is covered-up by the U.S. government, and his cause of death is blamed on a suspicious and sudden illness. Grace is succeeded by Vice President Harvey McCullen.[49]


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