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  • Presidential 3rd Term - Straw polls show growing support for a third term of office for Grace.
    In the United States, the Democrats propose a new Constitution Amendment limiting a President to a maximum of two terms in office. The Republicans however, despite being quietly fearful of President Grace's growing power, did not join the proposal. President Grace publicly scoffs at the Congressional effort saying, "The people will choose their leader. They don't need Congress telling them how to go about it."
  • February: "The Runner" Dies En Route - A strange incident that leaves authorities with only questions.
    A man believed to be a Russian refugee appears at the British Embassy in Estonia. The man's hands are completely frozen around a leather satchel. The man, referred to as "The Runner" by the newspress, dies en route to Britain. The satchel he carries is found to contain what is apparently a genetically modified skull which had six eyes and was slightly larger than a human skull. Intelligence reports also find that entire cities in Russia have just suddenly been abandoned.



  • July 15th: Keith Oster begins Basic Combat Training at Fort Benning, Georgia.


  • September 14th: Millionaire philanthropist and noted thrill-seeker Reinhardt Quimbie returns from his archaeological expedition in Canada from the Llewellyn Glacier Caves of northern British Columbia with extraordinary findings of preserved prehistoric avian specimens encased in a metallic shell. During Quimbie's announcement of his findings to a crowd of anxious reporters and well-wisher, federal agents interrupted the conference and ushered Quimbie to kept his silence on his discoveries.[1]
  • September 16th: Reinhardt Quimbie writes a letter to his colleague Professor Hollingsworth about his excavation in the Llewellyn region and subsequent gag order he received from the American government. Quimbie further writes that some of the fossils that he discovered are not of any prehistoric creatures that is known to the scientific community.[2]
  • September 28th: Reinhardt Quimbie is found dead in the shore of Lake Michigan.[3]


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