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The Plan is the eighth chapter of Resistance 3.


Joseph Capelli and Charlie Tent lead the Remnants to ambush a Chimeran dropship and steal its power core. To do this they force a captured Shield Drone to release a distress signal to summon a nearby patrolling dropship. However, things do not go to plan as two dropships arrive instead of one. The Remnants got the power core but are then force to retreat across St. Louis. As Charlie and Joseph run with the power core a feral Widowmaker appears and attacks both the military Chimera and the Remnants. Luckily Joseph and Charlie escape admist the chaos to a small ammunition store halfway to the base.

Journal Locations[]

  • Hale Vaccine: On a trunk by the beds after reaching the safehouse. It can not be picked up if you are holding the power core.


See The Plan/Transcript


  • Just before Charlie and Joseph bring down the dropship, Charlie says that any Chimera that survive the crash will come over the wall. Surprisingly a few Hybrids survive even though the crash probably caused a great amount of heat and a large explosion.