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The Hunt is the tenth chapter of Resistance 3.


In return for securing the power core the Remnants give Joseph Capelli and Dr. Malikov a lift to New York City. During the journey, Joseph suffers a nightmare and begins to fear for his family's lives. He convinces the Charlie Tent to fly to Baxter Springs, Oklahoma to check on his family. However, before they can turn the VTOL around they are attacked by two Chimeran dropships and Joseph falls out of the VTOL somewhere near Mount Pleasant. The Remnants drop off Malikov further down the valley and Joseph is forced to make his way up the valley to meet him, avoiding the various death squads and Sniper Hybrids that were dropped by the dropships as he does so.



The player must reach the cave on the South while avoiding Sniper Hybrids and a Dropship. Deadeye is recommended in this part. After entering the cave and through the door, Shield Drones and Hybrids will be moving towards your position. The player has a chance to pass them without being detected.


After reaching outside the cave, the player must battle both Hybrids and Sniper Hybrids andavoid gunfire from the Dropship again and reach the second cave. When entering the cave, the dropship will send its remaining enemies outside and Shield Drones inside. After the Shield Drones detect the player, the player must eliminate all of the enemies, including a Ravager. After killing five more Hybrids on a train bridge, the Dropship will come and battle you. The player must obtain the Wildfire, the only weapon that can damage the Dropship. After many hits with the Wildfire, the Dropship will be destroyed and Dr. Malikov will appear.

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