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The Encore is the fifteenth chapter of Resistance 3.


Joseph Capelli is approach by Herbert Sawicki, Mick Cutler's lackey, who decide to help Capelli, freeing the prisoners from the prison and overthrowing Mick. After freeing Capelli, Herbert informs to disable some captured drones, which the drones are wired so that they always send out an all clear signal to the nearby Chimera, however if they were disabled then the Chimera would realize and attack the prison.

As Capelli succeed in destroying the three out of the four drones that makes up the drone defense network for Graterford, however, he is found out by the Wardens. Mick Cutler takes the last drone and hides it. Capelli is trapped by the Wardens in the prison's cafeteria before being redirected by Herbert to "the Pit", a series of flooded matinence tunnels underneath the prison where it is infested with feral Chimera.

Journal Locations[]

  • Letter to Mom #1: After Herbert tells about the Mutator, stay that floor and go left to the other side and to the second to last cell where there is a hole in it, go through it and the wall to the other side.
  • Letter to Mom #4: After killing the sniper that comes through the door,go left into the church to find it on the pulpit.
  • Letter to Mom #5: After Herbert unlocks the room to the cafeteria, look for a makeshift wall of wood.


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  • In the cell block with the 3rd drone, upstairs near the entrance to the block is a M5A2 Folsom Carbine ammo, with graffiti above it reading "Bullseyes are 4 Pussy's".