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  • ...that, so far in the Resistance series, there has been 3 PS3 games, 1 PSP game, 1 PS Vita game, 2 books and 7 comics/1 graphic novel?
  • ...The first chapter of Resistance 2 is named India Eight-Two Crash Site which means "Resistance 2" because in military terms, India stands for "I" and of course Eight(8) Two(2). Resistance: Fall of Man was originally codenamed I-8, hence when Resistance 2 (the sequel) came along it would have been named Resistance: Fall of Man 2 (I-8-2 = India Eight-Two)?
  • ...that Stephen Cartwright is voiced by Peter Jessop who also voices Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil Series.
  • ...that you can use zipwires in many levels in Resistance 3?

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