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The Sw.A.R.M. (Swift Autonomous Round Missile) launcher is a 4-shot repeating rocket launcher featured in Resistance: Burning Skies.


It is one of the most devastating weapons in the game, able to kill even Executioners and Impalers with a handful of rounds.

The weapon uses the touchscreen to lock on, with a tap on an enemy placing a crosshair on them. Up to four enemies can be locked on at a time, which will fire all missiles in the launcher at once. In addition, looking at an enemy through the sights and holding them in view will gradually lock multiple rockets onto the same target, allowing the whole launcher to be fired at once. Firing without any kind of lock will produce semi-automatic unguided fire.

Locked-on missiles turn fairly slowly and may miss a fast-moving enemy.


  • Lock-On Speed - Faster lock on time.
  • Ammo Capacity - Increased ammo capacity.
  • Rocket Speed - Faster projectile speed.
  • Direct Hit Bonus - Direct hits increase damage.
  • Lightweight - Reduced encumbrance.
  • Directed Explosives - Rockets don't damage shooter.


  • Ammo for the Sw.A.R.M. is relatively scarce. Thankfully, small stashes can be found in some of the later levels. Try searching around, whenever you get the chance.
  • Because of the weapon's immense power, players should always try to take out two (or three) birds with one stone. In other words, try tagging the middle man to kill as many nearby Chimera as possible. 


Hey, people... Some good news for a change.

In response to the large and extremely lethal mechs and
bio-forms that the enemy has introduced into the
battlefield SRPA has developed a new rocket launcher
which they call the Sw.A.R.M. (Swift Autonomous
Round Missile) Launcher.

I'm pleased to inform you that SRPA is making this
weapon available to their line units and a limited
number of resistance cells. Trainers will be making the
rounds. Please welcome them and take advantage of
this opportunity to add what amounts to a giant killer to
your inventory of weapons.

Never give up, and never give in.
- Colonel X

Swipe enemies onscreen to lock multiple targets

Hold L button to zoom ad keep an enemy in the iron sights
to lock multiple rockets onto one target.



  • The Sw.A.R.M. appears to be based on the M202 FLASH.
  • This is the only weapon in Burning Skies which is made by SRPA.
  • The Sw.A.R.M. was designed to penetrate Chimeran heavy armor.