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"Stokes, are you crazy? You can't take it from the front! Flank it!"
―A soldier desperately trying to stop Stokes from charging at a Sentry Gun[src]

Stokes was a soldier that participated in Operation: Deliverance.

Having survived the initial ambush that wiped out much of the regiment, Stokes was amongst the few surviving Rangers to rally under Captain Winters and participated in the desperate offensive to retake the bus depot from Chimeran forces. Unfortunately, not knowing of the dangers of the entrenched Chimeran defenses, Stokes sought to take the position, only to be mowed down by a Sentry Gun.


  • Stokes waits by the sandbags near the Sentry Gun which is on the left. When you go near that Sentry Gun he starts to run and if you manage to kill the gunner Stokes will run to the central Sentry Gun and get killed there.