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The Splitter is a Chimeran weapon exclusive to Resistance: Fall of Man, and is not available in multiplayer. The Splitter's primary fire fires a pack of radiant projectiles. When shot, it will be suspended in mid-air and follow the player's crosshair, still harming anything that touches it. After touching something solid, the projectiles will be disintegrated. When the secondary fire is used, this package splits into two. The secondary fire can be used to split the explosives multiple times-at maximum into 16 individual explosives. It is found in London - A Desperate Gamble after meeting the two first Hardfangs, and is found near a soldier's body in the train station's balcony without 'POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS' tape, in the second playthrough of the game.


The Splitter is very effective for destroying medium size groups of weaker Chimera, Widowmakers, Titans, Stalkers, and Angels.

  • The weapon can destroy a Stalker with 5 direct shots into the mid-section of the Stalker's hull.


The Splitter is an advanced Chimeran weapon. Its potential for collateral damage makes it uncommon outside the most hotly contested battlefronts of the Chimeran invasion. Pressing R1 fires a packet of high-velocity explosive rounds. Pressing L1 will Splot the rounds multiple times. Holding L1 increases the distance between the split rounds. This can potentially create a literal wall of gunfire to cut down whole squads of opposition.