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"By the time you see them in the air it's already too late."
Rachel Parker[src]
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A Spire Missile (or more commonly simply a Spire) was a Chimeran biological weapon designed to infect large numbers of humans with the Chimeran virus.


A Spire missile is fired from a Goliath into human-held areas.[1] After impacting and embedding itself into the ground, the Spire releases its deadly payload of Crawlers upon nearby humans. Spire missiles are capable of wiping out entire cities in a matter of minutes, and have become one of the Chimera's most effective and lethal weapons in the Chimeran War. After the events of Operation Overstrike, Spire missiles changed their payloads to the Spinner strain.

Deployed Spires are a common sight throughout the series, showing an area that has come under attack; the missiles land with enough force to reduce buildings to rubble and cause a slight tremor. Their use has been discontinued by the Chimera since 1957, due to their new objectives of exterminating humans, instead of capturing and converting them.


Resistance: Fall of Man[]

A Spire attack is seen in a cutscene following the "Spires" subsection of the York level after Nathan Hale and the rest of the 1st Ranger Regiment secure the landing zone in the abandoned bus depot. Several crashed spires are then seen later throughout the game.

Resistance 2[]

A Spire Missile as it appears in Resistance 2.

Crashed Spires are seen throughout the course of Resistance 2. Most commonly seen are in Orick, California and Twin Falls, Idaho. All Spires were mention to carry Spinners instead of Crawlers.

Resistance 3[]

Several crashed and disused Spires can be seen throughout Haven and in the wastelands, which the Wardens could be encountered in the latter.

Resistance: Burning Skies[]

The only Spire attack in gameplay occurs at the end of the mission Staten Island in Resistance: Burning Skies; the player must quickly flee from spreading black clouds which indicate Crawlers, as Spires fall around them. While large numbers of deployed Spires are seen during the game (and are much smaller than in any other Resistance game), no Crawlers or Spinners are ever encountered again, and no Goliaths are seen at any point during gameplay.


Resistance: Fall of Man[]

Resistance 2[]


  • According to Resistance: Burning Skies the section of a Spire between the tip and the pods containing the payload is the "Spire Beacon" and is used to tell Carriers and other Chimera that a Spire attack has occurred so they can follow up on it. Chimeran infantry have never been shown to follow up on Spire strikes before, and the idea seems to have been invented by the writers of Burning Skies to allow the Chimera to be deliberately called to a specific location by Richard Gorrell using one of these beacons.