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The Special Research Projects Administration (SRPA) was an American military research organization that was tasked with studying and eliminating the Chimera. Their works includes the development of advanced weapons, the Sentinels, and attempts to find a cure against the Chimeran virus.



Despite suspicions over the sudden communications blackout in Russia, the United States government only became aware of the existence of the Chimera shortly after the discovery on an unknown metal by several miners in Nevada on May 27, 1934. Per the government's increasingly authoritarian policies, an immediate cover-up was established by federal agents and elements of the Department of War, who quickly responded by establishing the Special Research Projects Administration, with approval from President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Despite the creation of this agency, it initially had no mission statement or declared goals. Critics of the administration and elements of the military hierarchy theorized that the agency served as an cover organization that allowed the government to conduct illegal experimentation.

With the existence of the Chimera well-known by the government by the 1940's, Senator Robert Crowe and General Arthur L. Pratt began pressuring the government for more funding towards the organization, who eventually acquiesced, with President Noah Grace appointing the two men to lead the agency. With this, SRPA began focusing on uncovering and investigating the presence of Chimeran artifacts throughout the United States. In 1941, with Moscow on the verge of collapse, SRPA which had been monitoring the situation, forcibly extracted the Russian scientist Dr. Fyodor Malikov, under the guise of "liberating" him. With his knowledge of the Chimera and experiments on the Cloven, Malikov was offered a leadership within the agency, to which he accepted, continuing his experiments with the recovered Pure Chimeran samples on volunteers.

Chimeran War[]

When the Chimera breached the Red Curtain and launched a massive invasion on continental Europe in late 1949, SRPA covertly deployed recon forces in limited numbers into the continent, with the intent of gathering as much intelligence as possible to prepare the United States for a potential invasion. By 1950, with the Chimera on the verge of overrunning the last remaining human resistances in Western Europe, the Department of War grew increasingly frightened over the swiftness of Europe's collapse. Authorizing further funding for SRPA, the agency implemented Project Abraham with full backing from the United States government. With the project's intent of providing America with a special operations unit immune to the Chimeran virus, the then-unknown violent side-effects led to severe casualties within the project's volunteers with only two of its initial six volunteers surviving the initial inoculation.

With little positive results to present to the government, the project was shut down on December 15, 1950. However, despite the official shutdown of the project, Malikov continued to conduct private tests, with one subject, Jordan Shepard. Having been inoculated with the virus, Shepard failed to mention his compromised immune system and eventually mutated into the Chimeran entity known as Daedalus. This led to SRPA forcibly detaining him in several containment facilities before relocating him to SRPA Station Igloo in Iceland. Malikov finally halted further experimentations until he conducted further tests.

During this period, SRPA also created a specialized computer network called SRPANET that was used for storing and relaying important files and documents relating to SRPA's projects. With the Chimeran threat looming, the organization expanded significantly, investing heavily in R&D, with the agency supplying the bulk of the experimental munitions to the United States Armed Forces by 1951. They also began recruiting scientists to research and develop weapons or supply the government and agency with theories of the Chimera's origin and purpose, such as Robert Oppenheimer and Julia Cathcart.

Having received official approval and further funding, Malikov began restarting elements of Project Abraham, having finally discovered how to limit the Pure Chimera DNA's effects. This led to the creation of the Sentinels, which proved a remarkable breakthrough in the American's efforts to potentially cure the Chimeran virus. However, the agency discovered that the Sentinels required consistent inhibitor treatment, lest they succumb to the virus and convert into Chimera. Additionally, the increased funding from the government allowed SRPA to establish a special forces unit, the Black Ops. At some point, Major Richard Blake led the agency's Advanced Tactical Ops.

By 1951, with the fall of the United Kingdom, the United States government began growing even more concerned over America's sudden vulnerability. Authorizing SRPA forces to conduct special operations into Britain, the agency deployed Black Ops units to monitor and evaluate the situation. Recovering significant quantities of intel, SRPA's efforts proved decisive in allowing America to gain further knowledge on the nature of the Chimera and its excavation operations of the Chimeran towers.

Operation Deliverance[]

In July 1951, with the leadership of British Resistance and the United States government having finally struck a deal - to which the British would provide a captured Angel, while the Americans supplied the outgunned British with military supplies, SRPA forces covertly deployed Black Ops units into the country during the events of Operation Deliverance. Despite the utter defeat suffered by the Americans, the Black Ops such as X-Ray units continued to collect information.

SRPA soon discovered that one of Project Abraham's surviving candidates, Sergeant Nathan Hale survived Chimeran infection, and tasked the Black Ops to recover Hale, who is labeled by the agency as "Grayskin". The SRPA operatives, however, were unable to recover Hale, often having been killed by Chimeran forces prior to Hale's arrival at their locations. Their presence became known amongst British Commando units, who often encountered them from afar. Despite this, British forces had no further knowledge of their existence, largely as further requests by the British Intelligence Corps to retrieve information from their American counterparts at the Department of War having met with silence.

As American forces rendezvoused with British forces in preparation for Operation Morning Star, SRPA units were ordered to forcibly recover Hale as soon as possible, noting that failure to recover him could prove disastrous. However, with X-Ray Squad no longer able to secure Hale due to a lack of manpower, all remaining units were quietly re-tasked with surveillance and recon. In response, SRPA Tactical Ops deployed Major Blake to recover the former Project Abraham volunteer. Following the destruction of the London Tower on July 14, 1951, SRPA forces under Major Blake recovered Nathan Hale outside of London and forcibly sedated him, per protocol before transporting him to SRPA Station Igloo.

Arriving in Iceland several hours later, Hale and Blake discovered Station Igloo under a massive Chimeran assault at the behest of the captured Daedalus. Despite the best efforts of SRPA and U.S. military forces to hold back the Chimera, Daedalus was eventually able to escape after Blake failed to kill him. Thereafter, SRPA abandoned their base and soon inducted Hale into the Sentinel Program, in order to prepare him for the inevitable Chimeran invasion.

Defending America[]

As Canada began falling under the Chimeran onslaught, President Grace tasked SRPA with coordinating the nation's defense. Enforcing his lockdown at the border, SRPA continued their efforts to try and control the different Chimeran species. These experiments were conducted on Ellis Island, under the supervision of SRPA chief researcher, Richard Gorrell. However, the experiments proved to be a failure, and funding was largely cut by the government.

Regardless, by August 14, 1951, the Chimera launched a massive military assault on the nation's northern states. New York City, the country's financial hub also came under attack by Chimeran forces. As SRPA had a keen interest in the experiments at Ellis Island, heavy emphasis was placed upon the defense of the city. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of a combined SRPA-Minutemen-US Armed Forces coalition, most of the defenses were wiped out when the Chimera deployed Spires in major population centers, leading to a major rout as the military attempted to evacuate the city. However, with the efforts of New York Firefighter Tom Riley, SRPA was able to hold off the Chimeran onslaught long enough for most of the remaining civilian population to evacuate. Additionally, Chimeran forces overran the garrison stationed on Ellis Island, allowing Chimeran forces to occupy most of the facility.

With most of New York evacuated, Riley and Ellie Martinez - a Minuteman leader - infiltrated the overrun Station Kali. Whilst they were too late to save survivors, the duo eventually discovered the source of Gorrell's project, and procured a film containing information of his experiments. During this time, the evacuated survivors had been relocated to hastily assembled Protection Camps in New Jersey, but due to limited manpower, the Chimera soon discovered its location and overran it, killing or transporting many survivors for conversion. Riley's wife and daughter, Natalie and Rachel Riley were amongst the few survivors that had been captured. With the assistance of a surviving Black Ops soldier, Ellie and Riley allow themselves to be captured by nearby Carriers. Arriving soon after at the state's Conversion Tower, Riley was forced to euthanize his wife, and discovers Gorrell attempting to implant control modules on an unfinished Leviathan. An angered Riley attempts to attack him, but accidentally destroys the control panel, awakening the Leviathan which has not yet been implanted with the modules. Gorrell subsequently flees the room, forcing Riley to battle the creature, eventually killing it. A distraught Gorrell attempts to attack him, before Riley finally kills the mad scientist with his axe. With the discovery of SRPA's inhumane project in Station Kali, Riley loses faith in the government and leaves with his daughter, but not before imploring Ellie to cut ties with the military as well. Heeding his advice, the Minutemen cuts ties with the U.S. military and begin destroying any Gray Tech encountered, inadvertently setting back SRPA's plans with the technology.

Following the fall of most of the northeastern states, SRPA forces were able to repel further Chimeran advances in the North, at the cost of losing most of their coastal states in the South. Re-focusing their efforts in Europe, SRPA became aware of the impending Operation Overstrike. With approval from President Grace, SRPA begin deploying several members of its Advanced Tactical Ops division, including Lt. David LaSalle to monitor the situation covertly. Offering several prisoners freedom in exchange for recon and information gathering, many readily agree and are infected with a stabilized variant of the Chimeran virus. LaSalle also approaches James Grayson, however, he declines but offers to gather information nonetheless in exchange for his brother's jacket. LaSalle readily approves, and on August 30th, 1951, Operation Overstrike begins. Covertly deploying Black Ops units into Western Europe, these units were tasked with gathering further intelligence for the American military, largely as LaSalle concluded that the prisoners-turned Sentinels were unreliable sources of information.

Nevertheless, by September 3rd, further attacks on the American Northeast forces Grace to order the construction of the Liberty Defense Perimeter. Roughly a day later, the final assault on the Chimeran Tower in Paris begins. The assault results in the deaths of the Chimeran hierarchy, including the entity known as the Chrysalis and the destruction of the Tower. Similarly to London, a chain reaction occurs, resulting in the destruction of the Chimeran Tower network in most of Western Europe.

On October 14, a major Spire attack is launched on the city of Chicago. The evacuation attempt comes too late and millions of civilians are infected by Spinners - the newest Chimeran conversion process. As a result, millions are infected and the military seals off a 50-mile radius around the city. The resulting chaos overwhelms the government, who promptly abandon a million more Americans to their fate as the nation's second Gray Zone is declared. By November, Canada completely falls to the Chimera.

On November 19, members of the U.S. Cabinet discuss Project Omega - a potential truce between the United States and the Chimera - without consultation from SRPA. The failure of Grace to control the agency led to relations between the two factions to deteriorate rapidly, as SRPA begin to increasingly subvert Grace's authority. The disgusted Secretary of War, Henry Walker leaves Washington D.C. covertly with his wife Myra Walker, with the intent of revealing the project's existence via the resistance group, Freedom First. Six days later, D.C. comes under Spire attack and responding quickly, SPRA forces are able to contain the attack, but the sudden vulnerability of the nation's capital forces the government to relocate to Denver, Colorado. Two days later, the Walkers are intercepted by Chimeran forces and are taken to the Hasbro Mining pit near Madison, Wisconsin. By December, the agency had formally adopted the M5A2 Folsom Carbine as its standard issue weapon.

Despite some disgust from elements of SRPA leadership, the agency reluctantly agreed to assist the government efforts in locating the missing Secretary of War. Having discovered Walker's rendezvous location, SRPA deployed Echo Team to Chicago where they encountered the Freedom First cell that was set to transport the Walkers, however, they soon discovered that Walker failed to make it to the rendezvous. On the 7th December, SRPA forces discover Daedalus in Sheridan, Wyoming and subsequently recapture him. Roughly three days later, Sgt. Hale is sent to infiltrate a Freedom First base near Custer, Montana to learn the whereabouts of the Walker's. He is soon outed by his foster sister Susan Farley. After being released, both Hale and Susan reconcile in which the latter expressed her refusal to come with Hale.

With further leads going cold, SRPA refocuses its efforts on Europe, where Lt. LaSalle and his team discover evidence of a Chimeran shipyard 103 kilometers south of Bonn, Germany. This shipyard was well-known by the Maquis as the Chimera Construction Zone. General Archibald Solomon recommend elevating the alert level on the Liberty Defense Perimeter and notifying the Department of War of a probable homeland assault within the next two years. Additionally, the existence of these ships led to the LDP's defenses receiving a major overhaul, with a larger emphasis on anti-air weapons. On the same day as the shipyard's discovery, President Grace initiates his Victory Tour to celebrate the capture of Daedalus and SRPA responds by assigning Hale to augment the President's Secret Service staff. This proved consequential, as an attempted assassination attempt by Freedom First members, Anthony Puzo and Susan Farley was narrowly averted thanks to the efforts of Hale.

On December 20, several prisoners from the Hasbro Mining pit escape the facility, and one prisoner, Harley Burl, a former acquaintance of Walker is discovered by a VTOL patrol. Having been sent to Denver for further interrogation, Burl reveals Walker's location in the Mining pit. Privately, he tells Hale of the existence of Project Omega and the recordings that Walker had recovered. In response, SRPA deploys Strike Force Zebra with Hale leading the unit, they are able to rescue the pit's remaining 282 prisoners. However, they are too late to rescue the Walkers, and Hale privately recovers the incriminating tape from Walker's corpse. On December 24th, negotiations between Grace and Daedalus begin in Sheridan. With approval from SRPA Command, Hale storms the meeting site, killing Grace for treason, but the ensuing chaos allows Daedalus to escape, who retaliates by ordering the city be destroyed. Working in conjunction with acting President Harvey McCullen, SRPA and the government quickly cover up Grace's death as a "sudden illness". With the incriminating evidence revealed, most of the cabinet is purged, and McCullen immediately replaces them, authorizing SRPA to effectively take over the country's war effort against the Chimera. Additionally, McCullen increases military aid to European forces, who had become bogged down in Eastern Europe.

By early-1952, Malikov discovers the true nature of Gray Tech and briefs Major Blake over the tech's abilities. Subsequently, Blake formally requests permission from President McCullen to form Specter Team with the intent of utilizing the team to infiltrate Chimeran-occupied territories and recover Gray Tech. McCullen quickly approves, and less then a month later, SRPA launches Operation Shadow Strike. Infiltrating the now-occupied Chicago, Specter Team discovers vast quantities of Gray Tech, and additionally recover intelligence suggesting that a sizeable number of the Chimeran leadership has gathered in the city in anticipation for an assault onto the LDP's northeastern region. With this new discovery, Specter Team is ordered to eliminate the leadership, resulting in a resounding success for Shadow Strike. Operation Shadow Strike serves as America's first major success against Daedalus, having crippled the Chimeran command structure, seized key strategic locations and eliminated much of the Chimeran infrastructure in the city. Despite these successes, Chicago remained a Gray Territory as Chimeran forces quickly regrouped and seized control of the city in a matter of weeks.

Throughout April, McCullen initiates a series of policies backed by SRPA. This included Operation Aloha and mandatory evacuations of all major cities in the United States. Grace's long-standing ban on immigration is also repealed. Prior to retreating from Chicago, analysts at SRPA 3 discover a 300 foot enclosure in Wrigley Park, however, Command dismisses it as an insignificant threat.

On July 23rd, a Spire attack is launched at Orick, California. The attack catches most of SRPA and the American military off-guard and on the same day, Florida and Georgia are hit by similar attacks as well. These attacks result in President McCullen ordering all American citizens living in outer states to be evacuated to the LDP. He also authorizes the construction of a further fifty Protection Camps. By the 30th July, U.S. recon units in Panama City observe Chimeran airships blanketing South America with a near-endless wave of Spire Missiles.

On August 1st, SRPA decides to launch Operation Green Eagle in order to destroy the Chimeran command structure in Orick. The operation results in a decisive victory for SRPA as Specter Team inflicted heavy casualties on the Chimeran command structure in Orick. Without a command structure, Chimeran forces were unable to produce enough troop quantities in the area to target large population centers. Additionally, the Chimera's attack on Orick backfired significantly as Specter Team succeeded in recovering Grey Tech components in the area. Additionally, through reports from Specter Team, SRPA intelligence discover that the Chimera have initiated a series of reforms in their leadership, becoming far more organized and hierarchical in the past months, without their dependency on the Angels. On August 12th, Dr. Richard P. Feynman at SRPA 7 describes the surprising results of the gray tech components, and deduced that the technologies were meant to form a larger component as if it were a puzzle. He, however, questions why the gray tech were separated around the world in the first place. Two days later, the LDP is finally completed and in response the Chimera aggressively launched attacks on the country's coastal regions, establishing infrastructure at these locations. The sheer volume of Spire attacks forced SRPA to designate these zones as Gray Territory. For most of September, SRPA recovered Aaron Hawthorne following his "live-fire" trial, and inducted him into the Sentinels.

Three months later, Colonel Rachel Parker sends an emergency request for assistance to Major Blake requesting military assistance, concerning a research base in Axbridge which possesses research into recovered gray tech as well as Chimeran nuclear reactor technology, being under attack by Chimeran forces. With promises to provide intelligence towards America's nuclear technology, Blake readily agrees and deploys Specter Team to seal off Chimeran forces in Axbridge. The resulting Operation Allied Shield is a major success, as Specter is able to eliminate most of the Chimeran leadership and contain the remaining Chimeran forces with assistance from British forces. With the Chimeran offensive in England on the verge of collapse, they quickly seize Bracknell, and the already deployed Specter Team launches Operation Viper Pit. During this time, Sentinel Team Echo's leader, Lt. Hank Leavitt is killed destroying a Stalker production facility in North Carolina, Lt. Hale is subsequently appointed to succeed him. By the 27th December, Specter Team has contained much of the remaining Chimeran forces in Bracknell. The success of Operation Viper Pit has resulted in limited command units in the area, rendering them unable to establish increased infrastructure or sufficient troop numbers to launch an offensive beyond Bracknell.

On January 1st, 1953, SRPA Intelligence noted the distinct lack of major attacks on the United States since July 1952. Many have theorized that the establishment of the LDP forced the Chimera to drastically alter their military strategy. Furthermore, SRPA analysts have also suggested that the limited numbers of airships may have resulted in Daedalus halting further attempts to attack, in an effort to build up his fleet. Informing the President over this potential hypothesis, he orders SRPA and the military to hasten their evacuation of all civilians into the LDP. Further testing on recovered Gray Tech at SRPA 7 results in a major accident that kills five research members. As a result, SRPA forcibly relocates all Gray Tech research away from major population centers and into SRPA 11 in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.

On April 4th, Assistant Secretary of the Interior, Thomas Voss departs on a 90 day excursion from Freedom Base in Arkansas to New York, with an aim to meeting up with the local Freedom First base and assault the New York Tower. SRPA deploys a squad of Sentinels, led by Captain Marvin Kawecki to accompany him.

America's Downfall[]

On May 15th, the Chimeran Fleet launched a massive military assault on both the East and West Coast of the United States. Caught off-guard, the resulting devastation wiped out 60% of the Armed Forces within the first 72 hours of the assault. The resulting chaos crippled much of the military's ability to function, and as a result, President McCullen gave authorization for SRPA to absorb the remnants of the army. This allowed the United States to streamline its ability to combat the Chimeran onslaught, furthermore, most if not all civilians had been evacuated into the LDP, and elements of the Armed Forces quickly rallied, halting the Chimera from expanding further and targeting the vulnerable safe-zone. During the attacks, SRPA 3 in San Francisco had been attacked, with Chimeran forces deploying a Kraken to cripple the base's defenses. Fortunately, with the efforts of Echo Team, most of the base's personal were evacuated, and the remaining vials of inhibitors were also narrowly saved by Lt. Hale. Echo Team was also able to utilize the station's artillery battery and crippled a nearby airship which quickly fled. Additionally, with SRPA 3 overrun, SRPA forces eventually abandoned the base, with elements of its leadership retreating to the LDP.

Chasing the crippled warship to Orick, Echo Team is able to infiltrate the ship and discovered its intended location: Twin Falls, Idaho. With the defense towers at Twin Falls having been crippled by a Spire attack, Echo destroys the ship, before arriving at Twin Falls to reactivate the defense towers. Their efforts proved successful as the Chimeran sub-fleet was wiped out, however, Daedalus's flagship was able to bypass the defense towers and arrived at Station Genesis in Bryce Canyon to reactivate its tower. As Dr. Malikov had been previously stationed at the site, concerns within SRPA Command grew over his status. Defying Blake, Hale volunteered to investigate, despite having been overdue for inhibitor treatment.

Locating Malikov, he discovered the the scientist was trying to prevent Daedalus from reactivating the tower. He proved unable to do so, and Hale passed out as a result of his overdue inhibitor treatment. As the duo attempted to leave the base, Malikov noted that the Chimeran Towers could be shut down in Chicago. With this knowledge, SRPA launched a major assault, deploying several companies to combat the Chimeran forces. Echo Team joined soon after, discovering the downed companies at the Michigan-Wacker Avenue. Eliminating the remaining Chimeran presence within the district, a Leviathan appeared and ambushed the SRPA forces. Command eventually realized that the Leviathan was constructed at Wrigley Park, the same area which Specter Team drew attention to previously but had been dismissed. Eventually, after a lengthy battle that resulted in the destruction of the Leviathan, Echo Team departed to shut down the Chicago Tower. However, just as Malikov had done so, Daedalus remotely reactivated the tower in Iceland.

As Chimeran forces begin launching another assault on the LDP, SRPA Command had grown increasingly desperate. With Malikov's information, SRPA decided to gamble an extremely high-risk offensive into Chimeran-occupied Iceland to shut down the Chimeran Tower and kill Daedalus. Aware of the Chimeran numerical superiority, SPRA mustered some 75+ VTOLs in anticipation for the assault, the vast majority of its Black Ops companies also participated in this offensive. Unfortunately, the assault was doomed to fail, as Daedalus had anticipated the attack, rallying vast amounts of Chimeran forces to defend the tower. Subsequently, the assault force was ambushed, with most units having been shot down or forced to retreat. Additionally, Daedalus had killed Sentinels Aaron Hawthorne and Benjamin Warner, and near-fatally impaled Hale before Capelli was able to evacuate him. The severity of Hale's injury left him in a coma.

The disastrous assault sapped much of the remaining manpower of SRPA and the Air Force, with many downed VTOLs irreplaceable and the rest suffering fuel shortages, SRPA's ability to launch offensive operations into Gray Territory was severely curtailed, eventually leading the Air Force to ground its remaining VTOLs, redeploying its remaining units to serve as evacuation transports for the President and his Cabinet. A week after SRPA's failed assault, on the 24th of May, SRPA launched Operation Crucible at the urging of Dr. Malikov. Specter Team was tasked with regaining control of Station Genesis and retrieving the vast quantities of Gray Tech left behind following the abandoning of the base. The operation proved a resounding success, as SPRA forces were able to temporarily hold Station Genesis allowing SRPA researches to safely transport the Gray Tech back SPRA 11 for further testing. Having been alerted by the British Intelligence Corps and its own aerial recon, SRPA became aware that the Chimera were activating its tower network, having documented the activation of some 58 towers.

On the 26th of May, the Chimera launched an all-out assault on the LDP. The resulting attack destroyed the perimeter, allowing the Chimera to wipe out some 63-80 million people, with President McCullen and his cabinet having been killed during the attack. During this attack, SRPA quickly mobilized and rallied its remaining forces, wiping out a sizeable portion of the Chimeran Fleet before they were forced to retreat to the last surviving Protection Camp in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, holding some three million people. SRPA estimated that due to the attack, there were only seven million Americans still alive scattered across the country. The devastating assault on the Perimeter left SRPA with barely enough manpower to defend the Baton Rouge camp, and many survivors left, having lost faith in the government's ability to protect them. With the deaths of the Executive Branch and Secretary of the Interior Thomas Voss unavailable, General Douglas MacArthur was temporarily sworn in as the country's leader, and SPRA's analysts begin noting the remnants of the Chimeran fleet hovering over the Gulf of Mexico near the Chicxulub Crater. As Specter Team was still in Bryce Canyon, Malikov requested that they destroy the Chimeran reactors, which subsequently destabilizes the underground conduit network, and in turn the nearby towers. On the 12th of June, Project Prometheus researchers theorized that the weapons was indeed a doomsday device, with the ability of wiping out all life on Earth with the exception of the most primitive. Despite its unconfirmed theory, an increasingly desperate SRPA re-deployed Specter Team to Iceland, commencing Operation Wrath of God. Simultaneously, a resupply ship sent to Hawaii discovers that all 172,000 civilians have disappeared including the military garrison stationed there. Curiously, they also note that the naval vessels and infrastructure had been left intact.

A day later, with the information recovered from British forces during Bracknell, the nuclear research team at SPRA NT, led by Robert Oppenheimer successfully detonate a four kiloton nuclear bomb. Creating another such weapon, Major Blake personally took custody of the bomb, designated "Nellie", to transport to the field HQ in Cocodrie, Louisiana in anticipation for Operation Black Eden. By the 21st of June, Operation Wrath of God had proven extremely successful beyond all expectation. All Chimeran command units in Iceland were eliminated, and the destruction of remaining Gray Tech in the area forced Daedalus to flee the country, and abandon his pursuit of the Prometheus Weapon. Specter Team was eventually recalled back to the United States to continue conducting further operations in the country.

On the June 26, Lt. Hale had finally awoken from his coma, Malikov, who had been keeping him sedated attempted to create a more potent form of inhibitors as the virus within him had progressed too far. With no cure available and less than three days left to live, Hale volunteered for Operation Black Eden. Major Blake and X-Ray Squad, which had been escorting the bomb, was ambushed by Chimeran forces and separated from "Nellie" and cut off from communications, SRPA Command assumed them dead. Despite this, elements from Victor Company discovered the bomb's location and secured a Chimeran Hornet, awaiting further reinforcements. After defeating a Marauder, Hale linked up with Capelli, who departed for a nearby staging area as Hale conducted a search for the missing major and his unit. Narrowly escaping a nearby Chimeran convoy, Hale discovered Blake's location, as the team traversed throughout the sewers, eventually rendezvousing with Capelli. Storming the platform, the combined units were able to eliminate Chimeran forces that had been defending the platform, securing a Chimeran dropship before departing to the Chimeran flagship.

With the Chimera mere hours away from fully activating the tower network worldwide, the SRPA Sentinels and X-Ray Squad arrive in the flagship and split up, with Blake taking X-Ray and "Nellie" to the reactor room, while Hale and Capelli headed to the control room to provide support. Unfortunately, as the group progressed forward, the Chimera became aware of the presence, and a sizeable patrol of Chimera ambushed Blake and X-Ray, killing them. With Chimeran forces seizing the nuke, Capelli frantically directed Hale to the bomb's location, where they soon discovered Daedalus' possessing control over the bomb, forcing Hale to kill him. Approaching Daedalus' corpse, Hale instinctively touched it, whereby he absorbed his psychokinetic powers. With the nuke now armed, Capelli and Hale made a mad dash for the shuttle, killing the remaining Chimeran forces onboard the ship. As they left, the bomb detonated, wiping out the entire Chimeran Fleet, however, it also released an electromagnetic pulse which disabled their shuttle, forcing the duo to crash land nearby. Upon awakening, Capelli discovered Hale observing the sky, and discovered that his former leader had fully converted into the Chimera. Following a brief conversation, Capelli apologized before executing him.

Shortly after Hale's death, Capelli radios for assistance, and a VTOL unit arrives to evacuate him and recover Hale's corpse. Upon returning to base, Capelli was temporarily detained, as news of Hale's death spread through the ranks of SRPA forces. During this period, Malikov would gain possession of Hale's body and discovered a unique antigen in Hale's blood. Having experimented with fully infected Chimeran blood, he discovered that Hale's blood actively fought against the Chimeran Virus, and with this knowledge, he successfully developed a cure for the Chimeran Virus, known informally as the Hale Vaccine. Shortly after the success of Black Eden, the Baton Rouge Protection Camp was wiped out, and the few soldiers still active fled to isolated bases. Despite this, in one of its last acts before dissolving, the government issued a mass production of the Hale Vaccine, and ordered all remaining Sentinels be inoculated, largely as inhibitors had ran out and SPRA lacked the necessary materials to produce more. With most of the remaining Armed Forces now aware of Capelli's role in Hale's death, he was ostracized and dishonorably discharged from SRPA, despite the efforts of Malikov to retain him.

Shortly after the mass inoculations, the remnants of SPRA Command discovered that the destruction of the Chimeran Fleet inadvertently allowed a surge of energy to travel through the tower networks, thereby opening a wormhole in New York City that led to the Chimeran home world. By this time, Thomas Voss, who had been on a 90-day excursion finally discovered the fate of the LDP, Cabinet and the wormhole. With most of the military badly depleted and facing mass desertions in the face of the Chimeran onslaught, Voss, now acting-President, issued a plea nationwide to destroy the New York Tower. As the only surviving government entity, SRPA opted to join Voss's request and deployed the last remnants of its military in a desperate, and ultimately futile attempt to destroy the tower. Coinciding with the nation's birthday on July 4th, the remaining Americans launched their assault only to be met with an immediate ambush. With Chimeran forces consolidating their mechanical units near the base of the tower, SRPA forces which had been ordered to land ahead of the rest of the invasion force were quickly slaughtered, and many of their VTOLs downed. As Chimeran forces cut off the remaining human forces, Voss, Malikov and several of their bodyguards were forced to retreat as many soldiers were left behind in the city. With Chimeran Dropships serving as Hunter-Killer units, most of the remaining VTOLs still active were shot down by the end of the day. Surviving units of Victor and Oscar Companies linked up and attempted to flee the city, however, as Chimeran forces began hunting down survivors, many within the group died, and by the 10th of July, only Sgt. Mathison was left alive. Trapped and exhausted, Mathison made his way to Washington Square, where he decided to make his last stand at a sniper perch.

With the failure of the assault, SRPA dissolved itself, and remaining Black Ops and US Army soldiers were left to fend for themselves. By 1957, survivor communities had formed with the assistance of many former Sentinels. Amongst these communities was one in Haven, Oklahoma led by disgraced Sentinel Joseph Capelli. However, despite the official disbandment, several Black Ops units were mentioned to have been active in Charleston, South Carolina, serving as special forces units for these communities. Regardless, the destruction of the New York Tower and the Terraformer led to the total collapse of Chimeran forces worldwide, with the remaining survivors consolidating their final victory.

With the defeat of the Chimera, remaining elements of the US Armed Forces began the process of rebuilding itself, however, it is unknown if SRPA was rebuilt as well.

Known Personnel[]


Research & Development Wing[]

Medical and Psychology Wing[]

Executive and Administration Wing[]

Military Wing[]

SRPA Facilities[]

With the revelation of the Chimera, SRPA realized that their technological superiority far outweighed theirs. As such, each SPRA base was designed in different ways to counter the Chimeran threat, other factors including its location was also considered in the development of bases. For example, SRPA 3, an underwater coastal base near San Francisco was developed. Each base was unique in their development, however most, if not all bases were equipped with vast underground garages/hangar bays for their vehicles and aircraft. Additionally, each base was equipped with a sizeable security garrison, largely consisting of Black Ops and Sentinels and these bases were used as staging grounds for military operations in the region. Hence, in order to direct all military action, Tac-Com control rooms serve as the nerve centers for the bases, directing Black Ops and Sentinel military operations. Aside from military operations, some bases often serve exclusively as research bases, with most subsurface levels established to hold the administrative, medical, and food services block. Additionally, as secret military installations, personal are forbidden from leaving the premises unless having been given authorization to travel, hence living quarters were established. Learning from the encounters of British bases, many of the bases living quarters and located deeper underground, and are often protected by a maze of pathways, in which pre-positioned explosives offer a substantial defense against underground attacks, including from Chimeran Burrowers.

  • SRPA 2 (Springfield, Illinois) - Mention to have an inhibitor station, and was attacked by Chimeran forces, but survived the attack while losing half of the base. Status: Heavily damaged, likely destroyed as of 1957.
  • SRPA 3 (San Francisco, California) - A coastal, underwater base that came under attack during the initial Chimeran invasion on May 15, 1953. Status: Abandoned and destroyed as of 1953.
  • SRPA 4 - The base was destroyed after the fall of the Liberty Defense Perimeter, but not before completing a prototype fission bomb which was used in Operation Black Eden. Status: Destroyed, as of 1953[1]
  • SRPA 5 - Was station by Dr. Willard Libby, who used his method of radiocarbon dating on a recovered Gray Tech component.[2] Status: Unknown, likely abandoned or destroyed as of 1957.
  • SRPA 6 (Valentine, Nebraska) - Underground base located near the original site of Fort Niobrara. Built in 1934, the base is noted for having its unearth debris during its construction phase used for building a 50 ft. wall surrounding the base. In response to SRPA Directive 1140.09, a moat is also built around the base that could be flooded with Avgas and set it on fire should it become necessary. Status: Unknown, likely abandoned or destroyed as of 1957.
  • SRPA 7 (Boulder, Colorado) - Formerly the site of Project Prometheus after a severe, experimental accident with the Gray Tech components.[3] Status: Unknown, likely abandoned or destroyed as of 1957
  • SRPA 8 (Cincinnati, Ohio)[3] - Housed the Crihkhorn Lab, which discovered that Chimeran tissue was non-terrestrial, and in fact, possibly non-solar in origin. [4] Status: Unknown, likely abandoned or destroyed as of 1957.
  • SRPA 11 (Black Rock Desert, Nevada) - Relocated site of Project Prometheus.[5] Status: Unknown, functioning sometime after the events of Operation Wrath of God, likely destroyed as of 1957.
  • SRPA 12 (Atlanta, Georgia) - Noted for receiving a distress message from survivors in Savannah, Georgia.[6] Status: Unknown, likely destroyed as of 1953 during the Chimeran invasion.
  • SRPA NT (Alaska) - Site of Project Abraham.[7] Research site of the fission bomb. Status: Unknown, likely destroyed as of 1957.
  • SRPA Substation Kappa - Status: Destroyed during the events of Operation Icarus as of 1951.[8]
  • SRPA Research Station Igloo (Iceland) - Contained Daedalus since July 10th, 1951. Later came under attacked by Chimeran forces on July 15th, 1951 in which allowing Daedalus to escape. Status: Abandoned, later occupied by Chimeran forces in 1953.
  • SRPA Station Kali (Ellis Island, New York) - Served as SPRA Laboratory of Project Abraham. Status: Abandoned and overrun as of August 14, 1951.
  • Research Station Genesis (Bryce Canyon, Utah) - Research site that studies Bryce Canyon's Chimeran Tower, and as well in other subjects relating to the Chimera. Status: Abandoned and overrun as of 1953.
  • Denver Federal Center (Denver, Colorado) - SRPA Command Base for Sentinel missions in the northern United States. It also served as a Sentinel hospital. Status: Destroyed as of 1953.
  • 3380 Clarendon Blvd, 8th Floor (Arlington, Virginia) - Contained all official documents, such as Sentinel dossiers, and was responsible for the creation of SRPA regulation paper work. Status: Abandoned, operated at limited capacity by Operation Black Eden, likely destroyed as of 1957.[9]



  • SRPA was originally to be called the Special Research Projects Agency as seen in various files in Project Abraham and the America First - America Only newspapers.
  • Interestingly, throughout the series, SRPA logos can be seen on nearly every piece of human technology, suggesting that it also served as humanity's arms provider. This is especially notable as British and Maquis forces have been seen utilizing supplies with SRPA logos, also reinforcing its independent nature from the American government, as Grace had established an arms embargo.
  • Through Mick Cutler, it can be inferred that members of SPRA's Black Ops wing have tattoos of a skull with a sword.
  • Pre-alpha concept arts show that the SRPA was going to have a fortified compound in England and employ human-piloted reverse-engineered walking tanks.