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Level 30 Special Ops

The Special Ops class units of Specter Team are the long-distance damage dealers, who also provide ammunition to their team-mates. They are usually armed with their iconic weapon, the Marksman.


Weapons Unlock Lvl.
Marksman 1
Bullseye 2
XR-87 Proximity Mine


L23 Fareye 12
Auger Mark II 18
XR-13 Bellock 28

Equipment and Upgrades

Equipments and Upgrades Unlock Lvl. Description
Kinetic Gloves 6 Faster reload on all weapons.
High Density Ammo Chamber 8 Increases the Marksman's capacity for both primary and secondary ammunition.
Shock Suppressor 14 Reduces the Marksman's recoil and allows faster burst of fire.
Assault Pack 16 Increases the number of ammunition clips and grenades.
Hawkeye Scope 22 Attachment gives the Marksman increased accuracy and magnification when aiming.
Voltaic Body Armor 24 Absorbs incoming projectile energy, which boosts ammo regeneration.
MAG-Propulsion Barrel 26 Uses an internal copper coil to create a magnetic impulse that stabilizes and accelerates the bullet. This results in increased range and higher head shot damage.
Psychokinetic Helmet 30 Increases the durations of the Special Ops's berserks.


Berserk Unlock Lvl. Description
Prototype Ammo 1 Creates ammo kit containing advanced prototype ammunition, one of which is instantly given to the berserker. This ammo inflicts additional damage for the duration of the berserk and also refills all primary and secondary munitions.
Invisibility 4 Renders the player invisible unless taking damage or interacting with a switch or console.
Snake Eyes 12 The player gets to fire a charge from the Pulse Cannon. When the berserk is activated until the shot is fired or weapon switched.



  • In the Beta version of the co-op mode in Resistance 2, Special Ops were substituted by Black Ops.
  • The Special Ops soldier as shown in the concept picture is holding of what appears to be a M16 rifle.
  • The "Hail Mary" ribbon can be rewarded only from this class.

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