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Level 30 Soldier

The Soldier class units of Specter Team are the "tanks" who endure the most damage as well as inflict the most damage, and are recognized for their default iconic weapon, the HVAP Wraith. Soldiers typically lead the charge into an area because of the Wraith. They wield their secondary fire mode, as the mini-gun allows them to deploy the mobile force barrier to protect their other team members so they can take cover.


Weapons Unlock Lvl.
HVAP Wraith 1
Rossmore 238 Combat Shotgun 2
Auger Mark II 10
Air Fuel Grenade 12
Bullseye 18
Fragmentation Grenade 1

Equipment and Upgrades

Equipments and Upgrades Unlock Lvl. Description
Kinetic Gloves 6 Faster reload on all weapons.
High Capacity Ammo Belt 8 Increases the Wraith's ammo capacity.
Advanced Timing Motor 14 Allows the Wraith to spin up faster and tightens its bullet spread.
Assault Pack 16 Increases the number of ammunition clips and grenades.
Shield Area x2 and 55 energy 10 Increases the Wraith's shield and energy input to 55.
Shield Area x3 and 75 energy 20 Increases the Wraith's shield and energy input to 75.
Titanium Barrels 22 Gives the Wraith increased damage and a longer range of effectiveness.
Voltaic Body Armor 24 Armor absorbs incoming damage and converts it into voltage that charges the force barrier.
Precision Scope 26 Increases the Wraith's accuracy and range.
Psychokinetic Helmet 30 Increases the durations of the soldier's berserks.


Berserk Unlock Lvl. Description
Ironheart 1 Reduces enemy damage to the player significantly for duration of berserk.
Overload 4 Once activated, the player will explode if they are killed, stand close to an enemy, or a few seconds have passed. They will not be penalized with a suicide or death.
Backlash 12 Causes most enemies to focus on the player. Any damage received or absorbed by the player's force barrier during the berserk will be returned to the attackers. When used the player automatically receives full voltage for the Wraith's shield.

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