Slipskulls are a strain of the Chimeran species that prefer to take pot-shots and make blind-siding attacks on their enemies rather then face their opponents directly.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Slipskull is a small, agile and fast enemy, that can cling to surfaces. This makes the Slipskull a difficult target to hit. Their speedy and stealthy forms make them excellent scouts as well as ambushers. Once detected, it is necessary to eliminate these creatures as soon as possible before they summon reinforcements.

Resistance: Fall of Man[edit | edit source]

Slipskulls first appear in the level Cheshire - "No way out" where Nathan Hale fight his way through the base after he is immediately separated from Rachel Parker.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Slipskulls are easily detected by the sounds they make as they jump. While preparing to fire they will shine a laser sight from their Reaper Carbine which helps them to aim, but also exposes their position.
  • To combat the Slipskull's speed, use the L23 Fareye's secondary fire which is ideal in taking them down.
  • Slipskulls can only jump to scripted positions in any given room, and will alternate between these positions. Simply aiming at one position while taking cover from the others allows the player to defeat any number of Slipskulls with a little patience.
  • Their own weapons, the Reaper Carbines, unlocked on the second playthrough, is also useful in tracking a Slipskull's movement.
  • When it lands or before it jumps, tag it with a Bullseye tag. This will allow all Bullseye rounds to home in on to it, even if it is in the air.
  • When confronted by multiple enemy archetypes, concentrate on direct threats and leave Slipskulls for last. Their slow firing rate generally makes them less dangerous than other enemies that employ head-on attacks. They should only be focused on when they get a clear shot at you, while you are behind cover.

Resistance: Retribution[edit | edit source]

They first appear in the level The Guns of Rotterdam - "Gun Tower", after James Grayson is separated from Roland Mallery while they attempt to destroy the last Gun Tower.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Like in Fall of Man, Slipskulls leap about and cling to walls before stopping to fire the player with its Reaper Carbines, and are often in groups of four or more.
  • A laser beam similar to the beam shot by the L206 LAARK's secondary fire will show the player where the Slipskull is aiming.
  • BM001 Razor or BM003 Razor's secondary fire are best recommended to take out group of Slipskulls at once.
  • Using the Fareye FR-1's secondary mode will help to slow the slipskulls motion down before using the primary fire to kill them, but it also get a Skill Points for killing all Slipskulls in Paris Catacombs.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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