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The Sledgehammer is a melee weapon that appears in Resistance 3. It is the ninth weapon found in the game, when Mick Cutler hands it to Joseph Capelli before he pushes him into the arena pit.

It is reclaimed by picking it up in the Pit in Gratersford Prison.


  • The Sledgehammer is an effective melee weapon and is very useful against melee-only enemies, such as Grims.
  • This weapon is not as effective against certain enemies, such as Leapers, and should be used as a last resort, or, as stated above, against Grims.
  • Even though it is best to use this weapon as a last resort, it is surprisingly powerful. A Ravager can be killed in about 5 hits with the sledgehammer.


A heavy instrument made of solid iron typically used for destruction. R1 - A quick

R2 - A heavy, high damage attack with a big windup.



  • The Sledgehammer is the very first melee-only weapon that appears in the Resistance series.
  • The Sledgehammer is the only non-upgradable weapon in Resistance 3.
  • The Sledgehammer is first hinted in the second gameplay/live-action trailer of Resistance 3, in which Joseph Capelli is seen wielding it and about to use it to fight off several Grims in an arena.
  • The Sledgehammer can be used in Survival Mode and Multiplayer in the Brutality Pack.