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The Sixeye is a Chimeran sniper rifle which appears in Resistance: Burning Skies, during the third mission on George Washington Bridge.


The Sixeye is a very powerful single-shot rifle with a built-in scope and the ability to fire explosive "Burr Charge" tags. Burr Charges are activated using the touchscreen and can be used in combination with the scope; they will automatically hit whatever is highlighted with the cursor, and then explode after a period of time or when the icon at the bottom of the screen is pressed. Only one Burr Charge can be deployed at a time.


  • Scope Speed - In/out of scope time shorter.
  • Fast Reload - Faster reload.
  • Larger Explosions - Trap explosion radius increased.
  • Penetrating Shots - Shots pass through objects.
  • Extended Clip - Clip capacity increased.
  • Headshot Explosion - Projectiles explode on headshots.


  • The Sixeye is a very effective weapon against Longlegs and enemies from a far distance.
  • The Burr Charges are very effevtive against large groups of enemies.


Hey guys, one shot one kill. That's what you can
expect with the long distance sniper rifle that Hank
calls the "Sixeye". Some of the stinks are damned good
shots. Something we learned the hard way when one of
the freaks nailed three of our men from nearly 8,000
yards away.

But we got the sonofabitch in the end, and his rifle,
which is slicker than greased shot. Hank scores
consistent bulls eyes at 7,500 yards and can't wait to
go hunting with it.

Best of all, though - when you turn the secondary fire
against them (we call it a Burr Charge cause it looks
like a giant cockleburr) they get all panicky and run to
their friends for help - and BOOM - you can get a lot of
em' that way.

Never give up, and never give up.
- Greg

Touch and Hold the touchscreen to place a Burr Charge.

Touch the detonate icon to fire the charge.