LaSalle wanted me to report on any new types of Chimera that I ran across on the continent. Like these water gorillas, the Maquis call them Hybrids. I've never seen 'em before. We heard rumours of them, in October, 1950, when the Chimera diverted the Thames into Central Command in London, drowning 14,000 fellow soldiers. One of the survivors, a bloke named Jarvis who served with me in Grimsby, told me that it was a nightmare. Hundreds of soldiers, near drowned, were tired, scared, and huddled together in the flooded chambers, unable to get out. One by one they'd be picked off by something swimming up from below, like wounded sailors being torn apart by sharks. Jarvis said that after a while, some of the blokes just walked over and jumped into the water, as if they were in trances -- like these fish had called them over, and the men went willingly to their deaths. The Maquis may call them Hybrids, but I think 'Siren' is more appropriate. LaSalle tells me they've seen 'em - the Yanks call them Furies. But the ones I've seen don't match his description.

-- Journal Entry, 01 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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