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The Shrapnel grenade is a new grenade that appears in Resistance 3. It is first acquired from Bobby in "Wanted Man". Due to Fragmentation Grenade shortages, human survivors made Shrapnel grenades out of available materials, most just being crude cylindrical bodies with nails or other sharp objects tied to them with wire.

They are functionally the same as Fragmentation Grenade. The player can hold up to five, and like all grenades they have no upgrades.


  • After the grenade explodes, smoke will appear. The player must be careful as enemies can hide in it and attack the player. In Multiplayer, however, the player can use this as an advantage by using the smoke to escape from tight situations.


Lobs an improvised explosive device that, when detonated, showers the area with shards of rusty, homemade shrapnel.