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Savior is the eleventh chapter of Resistance 3.


Joseph Capelli reunites with Dr. Malikov, who finds a train in Mount Pleasant that they may use to continue their journey. They then are approach by Jean Rose, a resident of Mount Pleasant, who tells them that the train is broken and the only person who can fix it is her husband, the Reverend Jonathan Rose, who went missing two days ago. Jean leads Joseph and Malikov to Mount Pleasant, a highly Christian community, and informs them that the town was devastated to a large Chimeran creature that the survivors call "Satan". Furthermore, Jonathan previously went out to fix the town's power station, but that he also wanted to kill Satan.

Joseph is sent out to look for Jonathan Rose in the Grim and Leech infested town. After making a way through the town, Joseph finds Jonathan. However, the reverend refuses to go back to the survivor camp until he has found and kill Satan. Without any choice, Joseph accompanies Jonathan into the town's mine where Satan resides.

Journal Locations[]

  • Satan: At the area of the town where it’s overrun by Grims, the journal is through the attic of the house to the south. Take the ladder leading to a dark area with a doorway that will lead you to the next area. Climb up the ladder and a journal will be located on the table just before you go through the metal panel door.
  • Pure Chimera: On the church ledge.


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