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"It comes out of the Earth, like Satan himself."
Jean Rose[src]

"Satan" is the name given to an enormous feral Chimera by the ultra-religious inhabitants of Mount Pleasant, led by Father Jonathan Rose and his wife, Jean. "Satan" lived in the vast network of tunnels that made up the mines running below Mount Pleasant.


While it is unknown how Satan was originally created with even Dr. Malikov stumped over its nature, residents of Mt. Pleasant have theorized that it was formerly a Leaper which had resided within the coal mines of the town, however this remains unconfirmed. Regardless, some have suggested that with little sustenance to consume, the Leaper ended up consuming the coal within the mines for an extended period of time, eventually undergoing an evolutionary mutation that created the creature. If such a theory were indeed confirmed as true, this would explain its incredibly tough, carbonized exoskeleton formed from compressed coal molecules. Interestingly, Satan's spit functions similarly to that of the Mutator, as Grims and Humans hit with this spit mutating into Leech-like creatures. It is also shown with an incredibly large head, with four retractable claws at the end of long tentacles. The only known weakness of this creature is its eyes, with gunfire capable to disorienting. Similarly, explosive damaged into its internal organs have been proven fatal, as former-Sentinel Joseph Capelli having forced explosive tanks into the mouth of Satan, eventually destroying it.


Sometime before 1957, and after the fall of the United States in 1953, Satan, amongst other "weaker" Chimera units turned feral. Presumably starved, the creature suddenly popped up out of the town that it had been residing under. According to Jonathan Rose, within the first few months of its appearance, the creature killed several hundred people. This forced the remaining residents of the town to barricade themselves in a part of the town where Satan was unable to burrow under. Frightened by the creature, several groups attempted to flee the town, however, Satan was able to track down these residents, and consume them by ambushing them. Believing that it was the will of God, the remaining residents of Mt. Pleasant refused to flee, instead opting to stay in the town to try and combat the creature to prevent it from spreading further chaos. Some months before the arrival of Joseph Capelli, a hunting party of twelve were sent to try and hunt down the creature. Unable to kill it, the entire team was slaughtered, with only one survivor narrowly escaping, but losing an arm and a leg in the process. As a result, the remaining residents gave up trying to flee, and instead sought to barricade themselves within established safe-zones in the town.

Sometime after August 11th, 1957, Jonathan Rose decided to depart to the mines to try and eliminate the creature. However, he was unable to make it to the mines before being ambushed and cornered by a hoard of Grims. Roughly a day later, Joseph Capelli and Dr. Malikov, both having arrived near Mt. Pleasant by accident, were greeted by Jonathan's wife, Jean Rose. With both men desperate to head to New York City, Capelli agreed to Jean's request to search for Jonathan, largely as he was the only one capable of fixing the train.

Having rescued Jonathan, Capelli reluctantly agreed to accompany the priest to destroy Satan. Descending into the mines, Satan frequently ambushed the two men, forcing them to flee deeper into the mines. Taking advantage of its size, the duo used the smaller tunnels to evade the creature. However, as both men attempted to leave a closed-off section of the mine, Satan ambushed the two men once again, leaving Capelli disoriented. Taking advantage of this, Satan seized Rose, intending to consume him, however, Capelli was able to recover quickly and drove off the creature with explosives. Badly crippled, Rose implored Capelli to try and kill the creature. Leaving the wounded priest, Capelli followed Satan throughout the mines. Ambushing the lone former-Sentinel, Satan forced Capelli to flee up a flight of stairs, where he quickly jumped on a mine cart, awaiting as Satan climbed up to the second floor of the mines. Beginning a chase, Satan sought to eliminate Capelli, however, it was unable to catch up to Capelli as he utilized the explosive plants to disorient the creature.

Eventually, as the mine cart crashed, Capelli was thrown back into a room, and Satan was finally able to catch up to him. As Capelli continued throwing explosive tanks into its mouth, the creature, increasingly angered, forced itself into the room, cornering Capelli in a nearby service elevator. Utilizing its tentacles, Satan tried to grab Capelli, who was able to narrowly avoid them. Throwing at least two more explosive tanks into the creature's mouth, Satan eventually blew up, with its head completely blown into a bloody mess.

Leaving the corpse of the creature, Capelli returned to the wounded Jonathan as both men headed back to town, with residents celebrating as they were finally able to leave the town without fear of danger.


The creature's exposed body.

  • Satan serves as a boss in the mines of Mount Pleasant. Its body is invincible, and cannot be hurt by gunfire of any kind. However, this is not much of a problem, seeing as how Satan rarely ever shows its body.
  • Much of this fight is scripted. The first part involves running through the tunnels away from Satan, as it attempts to kill Capelli. Simply follow Jonathan during this part to stay alive. However, if you start to fall behind, you will be killed.
  • Eventually, Satan will smash its head through a wall, and attempt to kill Jonathan and Capelli. During this part, the player must shoot the massive Chimeras' eyes to temporarily blind it. The Bullseye is recommended to attack the eyes due to its high accuracy and rate of fire.
  • When Satan is blinded, the player must then throw an acetylene tank into its mouth and then shoot the tank to detonate it and cause major damage to the beast. Satan will then back off, and John will beg you to go after it and kill it, as he cannot due to the fact that he was injured in the battle.
  • The player must then run through a series of tunnels again, while being chased by Satan. Make sure to retreat into the smaller tunnels as much as possible, as you will not be able to outrun it. Just keep retreating into the tunnels while moving forward, and you should be able to stay alive.
  • While fleeing the beast, you will board a powered minecart and make an escape; Satan will pursue you, and while you cannot kill it with your conventional weapons, the more "damage" you inflict on it, the more it will slow down, and you must keep shooting to make sure it doesn't catch up to the minecart. A high-powered weapon such as the Wildfire is suggested here.
  • The final part of the boss battle is very similar to before, except this time Satan will actually burst through the wall into the room with Capelli. You have to retreat into a small recess in the side of the room to survive.
  • Satan will then attempt to eat you, but won't be able to reach you in the recess. Simply shoot its eyes again to blind it, then throw an acetylene tank into its mouth. Shoot the canister to detonate it, and Satan will finally die, by having its head blown completely into pulp.



Enemy Journal[]

This feral monster is the product of years of incubation in the coal mine of Western
Pennsylvania. It is a biological and evolutionary mystery.



  • The creature is named after the Judaic/Christian/Islamic figure of the same name who goes by the ongoing moniker "The Devil".
  • Doctor Malikov's enemy journal entry on Satan states that the exoskeleton may be harder than diamond, adding "is this possible?" This seems to imply the exoskeleton is made from carbon nanotubes, a form of carbon which is indeed harder than diamond and which Malikov would be unlikely to be familiar with.
  • In the church, one of Satan's tentacles will burst through the floor and drag a Grim underground, implying that without humans to feed on, the giant creature has turned to eating other feral Chimera.
  • Satan can infect Grims by spitting saliva on them (similar to Leeches when exploded).
  • Satan appears as a background character in Sony's PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, at the Time Station stage as a stage hazard. Specter (enemy of Spike and main antagonist of the Ape Escape series) was summoning him from the time portal, who then begins to attack the players. Satan can be seen spraying acid on the players with its mouth. Eventually Satan was pulled back into the portal. Satan only is able to perform one ability. He will spray his green acid on the stage which will stun the players who are hit by it and will make the player gradually lose AP (for a short amount of time). Its acid always covers the bottom of the stage and the first two platforms.