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The Chimeran fleet over San Francisco.

San Francisco is a major city in the U.S. state of California.

As a major costal city, the Chimera specifically targeted the city as per its invasion plans. Additionally, as California was outside of the established Liberty Defense Perimeter, little effort was given to prepare its defenses. The lack of defenses proved extremely costly as when the Chimera invaded on May 15th, 1953, much of the city was quickly wiped out in a matter of hours. However, the only known sizeable defense near the city was SRPA III, a major underwater/coastal SRPA outpost which held out for several hours before being overrun and abandoned.

During the invasion, aside from the sizeable fleet and ground contingent, the Chimera notably deployed at least one Kraken into the sea, taking advantage of the beleaguered defenders. This Kraken inflicted severe damage to SRPA III, destroying the station's Moon Pool and flooding the facility. Eventually, however, the Kraken was killed by Lt. Nathan Hale at a landing pad.

It was unknown exactly what happened to San Francisco after Echo Team left, however, it is heavily implied that with the overwhelming Chimeran superiority, SRPA was eventually forced to abandon the city.


  • This city appears as one of the stages in the game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.