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Sabotage is the nineteenth chapter of Resistance 3.


After being saved by Charlie Tent, Joseph Capelli is inform by Tent that he and the Remnants heard him over the radio and came to fly him back to his family. However, Joseph is still determined to destroy the tower, and hatches a plan to try to crash a Terraformer into the New York tower. The Remnants fly to a nearby Terraformer, however they come under heavy Chimeran fire and are forced to take evasive action. They flow close to the Terraformer where Joseph and Charlie jumps into a cooling vent, as the Remnants try to find a safer place to land. Both Joseph and Charlie rendezvous into the center of the Terraformer, which Charlie managed to disable the Terraformer's navigation, luckily leaving the Terraformer drifting towards the tower. They then head further into the terraformer together to find the power source.

After fighting their way close to the power core of the Terraformer, Joseph and Charlie are separated. Charlie is forced to head back to the VTOL and prepare it for flight, while Joseph must reach the power core alone. Charlie knows that Joseph will most probably make it to the power core, so he wishes Joseph good luck, and plays him a recording made by Susan, who had recorded for him earlier over the portable radio. In the recording Susan tells Joe that she loves him, and is sorry for forcing him to go to New York, saying that she just wanted a better future for their son Jack. She tells him Jack is well, that there is a doctor in Paradise Springs who cured jack, but Jack misses his father. She begs that Joe will return home.

Journal Locations[]

  • Gray Tech: After turning off the fan, separating from Charlie and being told to go right, it's on several barrels.



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