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SRPA Station Igloo was a SRPA military base located in Grindavik, Iceland.


An imprisoned Daedalus was transferred to SRPA Station Igloo by SRPA for "Project Daedalus". Nathan Hale was also brought to Station Igloo for mandatory testing (in order to be allowed to participate in the Sentinel Program) on July 15, 1951. However, Hale made an untimely arrival, as Station Igloo came under attack by the Chimera (which was presumably ordered by Daedalus in order to set him free). SRPA air and ground forces, consisting of F-86 Sabres and M-12 Sabertooth tanks, were unable to stop the Chimera, especially the Goliaths from breaching the base. In the chaos, Daedalus escaped Station Igloo, and SRPA was forced to abandon the base. The tower in the area was then successfully excavated by the Chimera. Instead of destroying the base, the Chimera made it their own.

Two years later, SRPA attacked the base in force, in order to assassinate Daedalus. However, the Chimera had anticipated their arrival. SRPA realized this too late, and suffered major casualties as a result. In the end, Daedalus evaded his death and left SRPA with a large blow to their forces, including the death of two Sentinels.