Resistance Wiki

Property of Dr. Julia Cathcart

Station: SRPA 7

Date: January 5, 1953

Our research team suffered a serious and tragic accident yesterday while
experimenting with recently recovered gray tech components. Our team was
performing a routine test using electrical impulses as inputs to one of the modules
when it emitted an incredibly powerful, focused burst of energy. The energy burst tore
a hole through three floors of our research facility. Five members of our research staff
were killed and twenty-eight others were badly injured. I escaped serious injury only
because I happened to be on the opposite side of the module when it emitted the burst.

Due to safety concerns, all gray tech research will now be relocated to SRPA 11 in
Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Additional precautions and protocols are being put in place
regarding the handling of these materials in order to avoid any further accidents of this