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Property of Dr. Richard P. Feynman

Station: SRPA 7

Date: December 29, 1952

I must disagree with my colleague Dr. Cathcart's theory that the recovered gray tech
components are part of some sort of gigantic, ancient weapon. That theory projects an
anthropomorphic pattern of thought onto something that appears to have been created
by a species or civilization unfathomably more advanced than we. However, I do
concur that our own research into this technology may soon provide significant leaps
forward in our own weapon and armor technology.

What I find particularly fascinating about the gray tech, is that what it is doing appears
literally impossible. In one recent experiment, we discovered that the electrical impulses
in a gray tech module at SRPA 8, in Cincinnati, were communicated almost
instantaneously to another module located here at SRPA 7 in Boulder, Colorado. The
next day, however, we discovered that we had our clocks very slightly out of
synchronization. The module in SRPA 7 was in fact communicating the signals from
SRPA 8 exactly 0.00137 seconds before they were being sent. I can only theorize that
the gray tech components we have discovered are somehow using applied quantum
electrodynamics to communicate. My theories on this subject have predicted that such
seemingly paradoxical cause and effect patterns might be possible, but I never
imagined I would witness such a strange phenomenon in my lifetime.


  • A slightly saner conclusion would be that the module at SRPA 7 was the one communicating the signals to the module at SRPA 8.