Resistance Wiki

Property of Dr. Julia Cathcart

Station: SRPA 7

Date: December 21, 1952

My team and I continue to experiment with the new gray tech components recovered in
England, the Netherlands, Germany and France. While these components appear
similar on the surface to the ones previously collected, they respond in remarkably
different ways when probed with electrical stimuli.

Our first breakthrough came today while attempting to combine one of the pieces from
England, component E-04, with one of the earlier recovered pieces from Chicago,
component A-09. We were connecting wires between the two pieces, when they
simultaneously began shaking violently, and one of them extended what looked like a
metallic telescoping tentacle that latched onto and fused into the other component.
The two components proceeded, on their own, to transform in shape in an elaborate
and astounding process. They first expanded in size, then folded and bent and came
apart into what appeared to be more than two hundred pieces. The pieces then
reassembled themselves seamlessly into a single, larger new component. The
resulting object somewhat resembles an ornamental vase, except that there is a cool
white flame emanating from the bottom, and even now as I write this the object is
inexplicably floating in mid-air above our laboratory table.