Resistance Wiki

Property of Richard P. Feynman

Station: SRPA 7

Date: August 12, 1952

Our research into the recovered gray tech components is yielding increasingly
surprising results. Several days ago we had a significant breakthrough where we
discovered that the devices would respond to small voltage electrical inputs applied to
localized areas of their topology. Several of the components exhibited patterns of
electrical input along a series of fixed points on their surfaces in response to the input
stimuli. this led us to attach wires in between these points and the input points of
other components. After several days of trial and error in remapping the input and
output locations, we found a series of connections between three components that
yielded demonstrable results.

The components appeared to open up from the inside out, exposing vastly intricate and
complex internal circuitry. The outer shell of the components, although it first
appeared entirely seamless, is able to separate and reform in seemingly innumerable
combinations. One of the components transformed in shape through a series of folding
and recombining until it looked something like a telescoping rod that elongated and
shortened. Another one of the components transformed into a multi-faceted
hemispherical lens, looking something like the eye of a large bug. It is now very clear
that these components are meant to be assembled into a larger whole. The great
mystery, however, is why the pieces have been spread over such a large area. It is
almost as if God has presented to us a great puzzle, and we are merely children
attempting to assemble the pieces.