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Subject: Daedalus Located in Iceland


SRPA reconnaissance teams have located Daedalus in Holar, Iceland. They report that
the Chimera are funneling all their gray tech to the Holar Tower. Our analysts believe
the Chimera have begun construction of the Prometheus Weapon inside the tower.
Daedalus suffered a series of setbacks at Bryce Canyon, losing significant quantities of
gray tech as well as many of his highest ranking commanders. It appears Specter
Team's attacks on the Bryce Canyon reactors were responsible for the destruction of at
least four neighboring Chimeran towers. This series of defeats has greatly disrupted
Daedalus' plans, and he may be trying to build the Prometheus Weapon as a means of

Project Prometheus researchers at SRPA 11 now reported that the Prometheus Weapon
could be much more dangerous than we have presumed. They have created
mathematical extrapolation models based on the observed power outputs from a
single gray tech component. Even if the Prometheus Weapon were compromised of only
100 components, it would have an energy potential of 99.2 zettajoules - roughly
equivalent to twenty-three billion kilotons of TNT. This implies that the weapon is
effectively a doomsday device, capable of wiping out all but the most primitive life on
the planet. For this reason the Project Prometheus team believes it is unlikely the
Chimera will attempt to use it unless they have a means of escaping the planet.