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Subject: Network of Tower Energy Being Directed Toward Crater


At 0918 hours yesterday morning reconnaissance teams reported that an energy beam
from the tower network had been redirected from the southeast toward the Chimeran
battleships above the Chicxulub crater. The beam of energy entered one of the ships,
split apart, and spread in a circle through the rest of the ships above the crater. At 2140
hours a second beam of energy was redirected toward the ships, approximately 10
degrees apart from the first one. We believe the South American hub towers are the
source of the energy, but the purpose of the redirection is not clear.

There are currently eighteen Chimeran battleships arranged in a circular formation
above the center of the Chicxulub crater. Additional ships are continuing to arrive at
the crater each day. Below them, Chimera ground forces have begun excavating a
very large tower from the center of the crater. The tower is only partially revealed, but
we estimate it to be at least four times the size of the one in Chicago. Enemy ground
forces also appear to be either repairing or building the tower. Aerial photos indicate
there are over 10,000 Chimera hybrids and menials currently working inside the crater,
with as many as 200 supply shuttles bringing materials to the site each day. It is
apparent that the refocusing of the energy from the tower network is intended to be
channeled into the Chicxulub tower. Although we don't yet know the purpose, we can
be certain that this is the final stage of the Chimeran plan. It is now imperative that we
find a means to stop the activation of the Chicxulub tower.